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Combined Utilization Of Solar Energy And LED Lighting

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-19 08:45:48
The use of solar power to the traditional lighting sources are not very economical: First, the current solar cell conversion efficiency is still relatively low, limited energy produced, if K is a simple increase in solar cell area, the cost is too high, is not conducive to the promotion of the product; Second, the traditional lamp power consumption was relatively large, and are in Gao pressure (110V, 220V, 380V or higher) at work use,portable solar power generator extremely unsafe, increasing the boost inverter segment, but also reduces the energy efficiency; In addition to traditional light sources are relatively low luminous efficiency, life is very short, even energy-saving lamps, gas discharge lamps only Fu 3.000. With the development of solid state physics and semiconductor technology, mankind has developed a fourth generation light source - a solid light source LED (first generation incandescent, second fluorescent  generation, third generation gas discharge lamp). Combined solar power generation and LED lighting immediately become a major attraction, quickly attracted people's attention. According to forecasts of the International Commission on Illumination, the penetration rate of the fourth generation light source for illuminating in 2010, H being the 100%, US 50%, China 15%.

LED Solid light source with low power consumption, long life (1.0X105h), high efficiency (up to 2005 50? 80lm / W, 2010 Nian up to 100? 120lm/W), fast response (in the high-frequency under use, can control the brightness and power consumption, without affecting its life), the use of safe and reliable DC voltage operation (24V, 12V or less), environmental protection (shock, impact resistance, not broken, waste recycling, no pollution), can flat pack, easy to develop into short, light products, etc., no power-hungry incandescent bulbs, fluorescent friable and disadvantages of waste mercury pollution problem, is optimistic about the industry in the next 10 years, as an alternative to traditional lighting a large potential for commodity instruments.

The light source 120 ultra-high brightness light-emitting diodes. Zhuhai has installed 40. Use 10h a day, you can use three consecutive rainy days, equivalent to 9W or 11W energy-saving lamps, lighting works well. Suitable for parks, green squares and residential area use. When you install the solar lifePo4 batteries always face south, are basically the same with the local latitude angle. Solar lighthouse placed on top of a wing-shaped substantially symmetrical arrangement, all connected through pipe line traces.

Storage device is maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, lifePo4 batteries in the case of 30% of shallow discharge, charge and discharge cycles should be at least 1,000. Lead-acid batteries placed in a sunscreen, good thermal control box, the lead-acid battery capacity should match the solar power, load power and conditions of use. As 40WP solar cell module, 8W LED lamp (equivalent to 9W or 11W energy-saving lamps), 34A.h lifePo4 battery can ensure continuous use three rainy days.
LED light source is a planar or three-dimensional multi-layer circuit board superimposed type, screw in the cap by one or three position, then sealed with glass. LED lights turn on is determined by the timing controller outputs a light control output, the lamp is turned off by the timing of the output of the lifePo4 battery capacity of the controller controls the output decision. Namely: the timing to open time, and the weather dark, light control when output light; time to time off or when lifePo4 battery capacity is lower than the set capacity lights.

Lights controller for low-power charge and discharge device having a microprocessor. With real-time clock circuit, having a control output PWM (pulse width modulation) output. Real-time clock circuit, is set to make a long shallow discharged battery every six months, once the full charge and full discharge activation conservation, eliminate the memory effect to extend battery life, proved by the conservation of the activation, the lifePo4 battery life It can be extended to 50%. By the time the clock output circuit may also be provided for time-controlled lights. Charge and discharge control output of the controller are provided in PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) functionality directly to the MOSFET switch control, greatly improving the charging efficiency, especially prominent in the PWM output can be adjusted to control the LED light source power consumption (because LED can Gao frequencies work). For example: controller, when it gets dark to 0:00 for the whole power output can be reduced when the brightness of the LED light source to 12 points after the dead of night, and improve energy efficiency, but also to extend the use of time.

With the lowering of the cost of solar cells, solid light source LED light efficiency is further improved Gao, I believe that in the near future, LED solar lights large S will replace traditional street lights, a new field of energy saving products like solar power portable generator in the future pushing.

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