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Classification And Presentation Of Solar Power Generator Systems

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-13 09:04:41
The portable solar power generator system is generally divided into off grid systems, and on grid systems and hybrid systems. Depending on the application form if the PV system, the type of application and the size of the load, solar power supply system more detailed division, photovoltaic systems can be divided into the following six categories: small-scale solar power system (Small DC); simple DC system (Simple DC); large-scale solar power generation systems (large DC); AC, DC power supply system (AC / DC); and on grid systems (Utility grid Connect); hybrid power supply system ; and on grid hybrid systems. Here's the working principle and characteristics of each system will be described.

Small solar power generation system

Features of the system is the only system DC load and load power is relatively small, the entire system structure is simple, easy to operate. Its main use is in general household system, load a variety of civilian DC products and related entertainment devices. In remote areas of the northwest as a large area to promote the use of this type of portable solar power generator systems, load and other DC energy saving lamps, tape recorders and television sets, without electricity to solve family problems basic lighting.
Features of the system is the system load DC load, but the load time and use no special requirements, the load is mainly used in the daytime, so the system does not use the batteries do not need to use the controller. The system structure is simple, direct use of solar energy the solar battery modules to power the load, eliminating the loss of energy storage and release process in the solar battery caused, and the controller energy losses, improve the utilization efficiency of solar energy.

Its commonly used in photovoltaic pumping systems, set up a number of temporary backup power during the day and tourist facilities. Figure shows is a simple DC photovoltaic pumping systems. Such a solar power portable generator in the absence of pure drinking water in developing countries for the region has been widely used and produced good social benefits.

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