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Charge Characteristics Of Compound Semiconductor Solar Cells

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-26 15:05:29
There are many types of compound semiconductor solar cells, and their spectral characteristics are also varied, but in practical sense, gallium arsenide solar cells are the most Fort.Graphic diagram of gallium aluminum arsenic - gallium arsenic solar power battery spectral characteristics , Which has a higher collection efficiency on the short wavelength side.

From the perspective of the application of solar cells, the spectral characteristics of solar cells and the spectral characteristics of light source matching is particularly important.To the sun as the light source to determine the conversion efficiency and other parameters, but such as fluorescent light indoor lighting, often can not calculate the conversion Figure 4-6 shows the fluorescence spectrum of the fluorescent lamp and the solar spectrum, fluorescent lamp and radioactive spectrum and amorphous silicon solar cell spectral characteristics are very close to the amorphous sui solar cells in the fluorescent lamp has a good In fact, as the left will be described later, the calculator is mainly used indoors, the characteristics of the fluorescent lamp is more important, and now the amorphous silicon too street lifePo4 batteries calculators in the calculator has occupied the main position.
Solar cells are used as light sensors and are not used as power supplies. There are many cases where solar cells are used as a substitute for the human eye. In this case, it is necessary to have components that are close to the human eye sensitivity characteristic The spectral characteristics of crystalline silicon solar cells than the visual sensitivity is more biased towards the long wavelength side, it can not directly replace the human eye as a light sensor, and must add filter , But the amorphous silicon solar cell spectral characteristics close to the visual sensitivity, so you can fish for light sensor gas.Solar power battery is one of important part of solar power portable generator.

When the illumination changes, it can be considered that it changes almost in proportion to the illuminance.It is very important to study the practical application, the selection of the solar cell and the determination of the output characteristics.The figure is an example of the illuminance characteristics under various white fluorescent lamps , Monocrystalline silicon solar cells and amorphous silicon solar cells.

The short-circuit current increases in proportion to the illuminance, which increases slowly as the illuminance increases, because the open-circuit voltage is almost proportional to the logarithm of the short-circuit current, ie, the logarithm of the short-circuit current, as expected. By the impact of illumination, while maintaining a certain, the maximum power output is proportional to increase with the illumination, solar cells of the different types of God, showing the illumination characteristics are different, the above is only one example, but generally have such as Figure heart, that trend.
The illuminance characteristics of monocrystalline silicon solar cells (solid lines) and amorphous solar cells (dashed lines) output under fluorescent lamps tend to vary substantially with illuminance as described above, and the filling is almost constant over 100 , So omitted. As the amorphous silicon solar cell spectral characteristics as described in Section 4.2 and the fluorescence of the spectrum of the spectrum is quite consistent with both the maximum output of amorphous silicon solar power batteries, monocrystalline silicon solar cells than the six, in addition to Because the amorphous silicon solar cell band gap of about 1.7ev, than the product silicon solar cells! 1ev large, so the open-circuit voltage is also larger.

Crystalline silicon solar cell illumination characteristics, where the open circuit voltage is still a large amorphous silicon solar cells, short circuit current is much larger monocrystalline silicon solar cells, so the maximum output of single crystal Gui solar power batteries instead of amorphous silicon solar The large sunshine focusing method and the high cost of gallium arsenide solar cells are now under study, is still not widely used
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