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Characteristics Of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-13 08:43:31
Solar power portable generator system has its own unique characteristics:
① no depletion of danger;
② absolutely clean (pollution-free, except for the battery);
③ not limited geographical distribution of resources;
④ the nearest electricity generation in place;
⑤ energy quality Gao;
⑥ user emotionally receptive;
⑦ Get short time energy consumption;
⑧ power supply system is reliable.

The downside is:

① small irradiation energy density distribution of child;

② energy obtained with the seasons, day and night, and confront other meteorological conditions;
③ cost is relatively high.


Some of the above characteristics determine the photovoltaic power system has its unique advantages and constraints associated with the application.

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