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ceiling generated and shed vegetables, Qingdao PV have been reported on CCTV

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-24 16:22:47

To install the PV panels on the ceiling to solar power generate, under shed is the growing areas, where can breeding, planting a variety of crops, it’s the perfect combination of PV industry and modern agriculture. April 6, CCTV "Focus" section are focusing on Qingdao Agricultural photovoltaic, PV models of agricultural development are not only improves the utilization of land, but also increase the income of farmers. Qingdao Agricultural photovoltaic technology will create a national record passenger space agriculture, built a technological innovation agricultural enterprises.

PV power generation greenhouse will not affect cultivationPV power generation for vegetable

CCTV “Focus” take Qingdao prosperity Xinhua Solar Technology Co., Ltd as a reference, reported the development of Agricultural Science and Technology new models and achievements. Photovoltaic is the abbreviation of photovoltaic power generation system, it can transfer solar radiation directly into electricity. solar backup generator take up a huge area of land. The combination of photovoltaic power generation and agricultural greenhouses, and construction of photovoltaic greenhouses is really a good way, it can achieve power generation roof, shed under cultivation.

  In the town of Jimo, it has a photovoltaic agricultural park cover a areas of 500 acres. Each park greenhouses are laid on top of the solar panels, you can plant various crops under it, and also generate electricity, it won’t affect the greenhouse crops. The life time for the greenhouse are up to 25 years to 30 years.

  The laying of each PV greenhouses solar panels are different. Some shed double membrane is shaped dual-network, it’s the combination of mushroom production, because there is no light needed in the process of mushroom production, some brick winter greenhouses, production can be achieved throughout the year. In the tea greenhouses, tea can growing very well.

  The farmers have increased 2 times of income by the shed.

  PV agricultural greenhouses allowed local farmers to double their income, it attracted so many students to return home and doing business, to be the founder of this agricultural park.

 According to the staff in the Qingdao prosperity Xinhua Solar Science and Technology Co., Ltd said, farmers farming very hard a year, the gross income is about 3000yuan per acre, net income of 1000yuan succeed. If farmers transfer the land to the company to build solar greenhouses, and they work in it by themselves, they can not only get an annual rent income, but also get paid every month. Since the greenhouses are carried out efficiently cultivation, such as edible mushrooms, nursery stock, tea, economic efficiency is very good, so the income of farmers has been greatly improved than before, like a mushroom cultivation, net income acre shed even reach 60,000. Preliminary estimate that the farmers can improve 2 times of their income through this way, with the maximum of 3.2 times.

 PV agriculture saving place and environmental friendly

 The biggest advantages of solar off grid system is that it can be used everywhere if the sun light is good. Not only not only in the field between the rural mountain village, on the roof of urban, industrial plants, offices, schools, hospitals, railway stations, residential buildings and other idle can install solar panels, each building can be turned into a small power plant. In the recent years, our agricultural science and technology is in –depth exploration of the organic combination of PV industry and modern agriculture, new energy utilization with poor precision agriculture, we have carry out a unique star, a world photovoltaic agricultural work in promoting the integration of developing secondary and tertiary production agriculture at the same time, to stimulate agricultural and rural innovation and entrepreneurial energy to create new agricultural economic development engine, in order to create a photovoltaic facility agriculture as the main line of "Two Wings" development model.

 "One" refers to photovoltaic power generation facilities. In the support of Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology major projects, Qingdao prosperity Xinhua company to carry out a solar photovoltaic system integration technology demonstration in modern agriculture and small towns. in the success of the polysilicon material smelting, solar cell component development, photovoltaic facilities agriculture technology are system integration and demonstration in the country's first new model of eco-town PV for industrial transformation and upgrading and new rural construction of China provided useful experience. In solar power system, Qingdao installed capacity of 200 MW, the installed capacity are 720 MW among the world promotion. In addition to agriculture overhead PV greenhouses, but also the integration of the industrial park resources, Haier, soft control industrial parks are also use PV roofing plant facilities.solar power system.Jpg

In PV agriculture, solar greenhouses built in Qingdao, achieve power roof, shed under cultivation, reporters learned that the prosperity Xinhua Company completed three projects with a total area of 9,000 acres, it already generate in December 2015, the annual power generation the total amount of up to 220 million degrees, that can be supply for seven million homes a year.

Measures wingers technology precision for poverty alleviation

“Wings”, namely agriculture + technology . As the state advocate the construction of agricultural, to promote agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship, one the one hand we develop agriculture innovation, on the other hand to precise poverty. in early 2016, our first pilot have been hold on Dagu National Agricultural Technology Park-PV Qingdao Agricultural Science and Technology Star have get the record in a public space, Included in the national science and technology business incubator management and service system. one is around the “activation fields shock fish”, “implemented on land seed enterprises,” and the Fund + investment" capital-driven model as the core, with electricity suppliers, intellectual property, branding, 12 major investment and financing platform to support public services, including for college students, white-collar workers, migrant workers, and other poor households to carry out business, and strive to build China's first train agricultural financing small and micro enterprises, listed on agriculture. At present, they have completed the construction of office area, public service area, the project display area 20,000 square meters, Year-off incubator 9000 acres, settled Venture 60, team 30, personal record off 25 people, 11 companies completed investment of 18.4 million yuan, north hatching success  Xu, excellent mushroom nets etc. more than 40 small and micro enterprises and customer projects.

 Another wing is accurate science and technology poverty, “poor precision, precision poverty" as the goal, take universities, institutes and innovative power resources and services introduced to the fields and farmers. Local conditions for growing vegetables, mushrooms, tea, precious seedlings, expensive medicines high value-added crops, poverty reduction combined with entrepreneurship. At the same time, At the same time, providing greenhouse facilities, agricultural seeds, technical guidance, financial support, unified underwriting and other aspects, so that the poor farmers can start business and employment in the park, to achieveby "blood type poor" to "poor blood type" into agricultural science and technology poverty precision mode.

We plan to build the National Agricultural record passenger space

Next, Qingdao Agricultural photovoltaic technology will create a “"Qingdao Agricultural record passenger space" for the center, Qingdao Jimo "Agricultural Year off" demonstration area and Yinchuan "precise pro-poor" as the core demonstration area (two core) in Washington green Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. over the country's 100 rural zone (one hundred garden) based on creating a national agriculture passenger space. Innovation and entrepreneurship by bringing together resources, improve the system, to create an environment, explore and foster technological innovation agricultural small and micro enterprises, and strive to 2020 a total of 3000 incubators agriculture, cultivating agricultural brand 8-10, 3-5 incubators listed enterprises, promote 50 thousand employment.

solar power system  for vegetable

5 years Marketing size to reach to trillion

   According to statistics, China has built agricultural greenhouses of about 70 million square meters, if promote solar greenhouses in a large scale, after 5 years, it will reach one trillion yuan market scale. solar generator can be combined with a large size of agricultural land, it also can install solar panels in each roof and country yard. If each family remove their own used electricity, the rest can be sold to national grid.

Deputy Director of the National Energy Board of new energy and renewable energy Secretary Liang Zhipeng said, they plan to support two million poor people in the next five years to use solar backup generator, and to bring stability to each household income of 3000 yuan per year. Investment is expected to reach 150 billion yuan for the average annual PV project, the total contribute is to reach 300 billion per year. It is estimated that after 10 years, solar electric generator will have the ability to compete with coal energy. China’s PV production capacity will reach the top in the world. That’s due to the place we live. In this moment, we can start with the world, equal competition, there are more opportunities ahead. The research shows that in 2035 to 2040, China's solar power generation can be accounted for 10% of total electricity generation, reaching 1.2 trillion degrees, replaced coal 500 million tons, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 900 million tons.

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