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Camping Best Partner - Solar Power Portable Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:41:12
In Europe, people half the time and money for travel and vacation. If there is a portable solar power generator backup power, the better. Wherein, yachts, private jets and RVs are known as the three leisure tool Europe. Throughout the year, European and American people driving their own car ride in the major roads, free to enjoy the car journey comfortable and relaxed, and even some 365 days a year living in a house inside the car, for them, not only a transportation RV tool, but a way of life, but also an attitude to life. And more and more popular in China this lifestyle.

Solar power portable generator is not only light weight, small size, low noise, the main power supply is very stable, there is AC to DC voltage sub-exchange, so it's very stable voltage. Suitable bring some precision instruments. Easy to use, safe, it is a luxury version of the small generator, vehicle-mounted spare, outdoor camping is the ideal choice. You can take portable solar power generator for camping with a laptop and enjoy the solar motor to bring you the quality of life in the green outdoors. I believe this kind of life is that everyone should go to experience, to feel. Life itself should learn to enjoy.

Portable Solar Generators

Portable solar energy generator is not only convenient for our lives, but is a free source of energy, but also according to their needs customization, the size of the solar battery capacity, the use of which material such as a lifePo4 batteries, whether living in a noisy cities or remote villages, solar power generator that can bring us all kinds of convenience. Great enthusiasm has not yet dispersed, autumn tiger ensued, irritable mood with a few pieces of fan can not blow out, in addition to camping camp in the cool mountain platform charge by  lifepo4 48v batteries storage power bank, or in the camping area near the banks of streams and the like, has a refreshing cold cold spring river can play, the other the campsite, very difficult to have a comfortable somatosensory environment may look good to relax in the summer. More power can be used as cool machine.

Camping out, the most important thing is easy, how convenient how to! When you have no place to hang camping lamps , he will give you the big easy. Readily find a iron objects, it can be adsorbed on top of your lighting! In addition, the top of the hook can not only fly, but also as hand-carry your little oh! In case you encounter a sad reminder of a rainy day, to go out to see unclear how to do? but it waterproof 360-degree body Oh! waterproof charging port design waterproof silicone ring at the plug and shade, water resistance make it better!

Solar motor in recent years developed a new generator product areas, the popularity of products mainly in the following five kilowatts of small portable solar power generator systems traditional products, mainly driven by a low-frequency engine output generators to work directly outputs corresponding to the requirements of the power of this type of system, since the launch of work at a lower speed, thus resulting in a relatively large volume, while the solar powered portable generator, the low-speed generator the volume is also difficult to do small volume of the system as a whole is difficult to achieve miniaturization and portability.

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