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Building And Photovoltaic Devices Combined BIPV

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-20 08:58:47
A further object of PV and architecture is a combination of photovoltaic devices and materials integration.In general, the external walls of the building with a paint,portable solar power geneator mosaic and other materials, and some also use expensive glass curtain wall,and its function is to protect the only decoration. If the roof and facade and even sunny window materials are used to a photovoltaic device instead, it can power both as a building material sense.Of course, a photovoltaic device,it also should have the required building materials, insulation, electrical insulation, waterproof, and supplies the same mechanical strength, but also consider the safe, reliable, nice, easy construction and other factors. Obviously, photovoltaic devices such as energy-generation part building materials, can further reduce the cost of solar power generation in favor of application, so there is a tenth of a huge potential market. For example,the conversion module frame profile that is becoming a solar cell module roof tiles,roof Sassafras blanket on the strip, eliminating the need for ordinary tiles; with a flexible resin material as the base of a large area flexible thin film battery components, free cut into a desired size,laid on the roofs of various buildings, both for solar power generation, but also rain; wall-type component can replace ordinary glass curtain wall,it can also be installed in Gao speed side of the road, and soundproofed walls become one. BIPV Member of several forms.

More than 1MW solar roofs and facades of buildings combined. Enough to block the part of both the sun, but also allows the interior of the building is part of the sun shot a difficult problem. German designers are just right to apply a clever way: they will be different transparent solar cell installed between the double glass, and between the cells and the cells leave some gaps. Area 9800m2 photovoltaic roof by 2900 PV modules integrated. Another 284 assembly (an area of approximately 800m2) integrated on the southwest exterior wall of the building. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar power battery conversion efficiency were 16% and 12.5%. Monocrystalline silicon solar cell 400kW high efficiency, there is sufficient sunlight when you can produce per hour 1MWH can be children. People can walk on the photovoltaic integrated roof repair.

Sanyo (Sanyo) company built Solar Ark (Ark Sun) is one of the world's most famous photovoltaic building? "Ancient legend of Noah's Ark marks the human intelligence through sincerity and wisdom, humans can overcome difficulties and survive. As many natural disasters times have changed .21 century is the advent of technological advances brought on, but also to their own human disaster caused great human and nature co-exist in the future how to win the sun Ark- 21st century Ark - is the answer to its clean energy technology allows humans can live in harmony with nature Ark riding sun, the sea will become calm "slogan above paragraph is the sun's ark... It means the sun's Ark is to save human beings, to save the planet's Ark, the application of solar power generator in the 21st century will play an extremely important role.
solar powered portable generator
Solar Ark total length of 315m, most high position Gao 37.1m, central high 31.6m, the bottom width 13.7m, wide at the top 4.3m, quality 3000t. Ark by the 5046 flat solar cell components, maximum power of 630kW, the annual generating capacity 5.3X105kWh, is expected to reduce emissions per year 95tC02. Ark can resist wind speed and seven earthquake 34m/s of. Ark using single crystal silicon solar cell modules, each weighing 15kg, generous length are 320mm, 895mm, 35mm. 81 degree angle from the horizontal, six solar cell modules in series as a set of component 841 in parallel groups. With the two rated at 300kW power conditioner, the input voltage DC power, the output voltage is 270V AC 440V's.

Another feature is that it uses the sun's Ark of more than 77,200 ultra-bright light-emitting diodes. Light emitting diode energy consumption is only 1/7 of neon lights, significant savings can be faint. Ark diode using red, green, and blue colors, solar power portable generator can be computer-controlled light-emitting, generating an image change, the visual effect is very good.

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