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Best Portable Solar Power Generator For Camping

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 10:44:47
This portable solar power generator helps you to better enjoy wonderful life wherever indoor or travel camping.With small volume very light and easy to move about and take it wherever you need.

Whether you are in deep forests, or in the desert or grassland. As long as the sun can shine on the place, you can spend anywhere lamp. Yesterday, the sixth green building exhibition in International Exhibition Centre, the exhibition on a handheld solar lighting systems were particularly noticeable. This  solar power portable generator lighting system, and its length, width and height only a little bigger than a laptop, notebook twice the weight, you can go where mentioned, where power generation. Portable solar power system is its miniature version, by the power generating panels, batteries, LED lamp. Photovoltaic panel absorbing solar power, electric storage batteries, turn on the switch, you can turn on the LED lights get brighter. According to reports, the system as long as the sun can generate electricity, for a 5-watt LED light continuous illumination 30 hours.
portable solar power generator
Portable Solar Power Generator for Emergency Power Supply

(1) Emergency disaster for mobile phones, radios, televisions, computers, radios and other communication terminal device;

(2) for digital cameras, camcorders, LED landscape lanterns provide power;

(3) LED lighting, portable DVD, wireless microphone power supply equipment and other outdoor activities.

Solar Power Portable Generator Feature

(1) light weight (3kg), easy handling. Can quickly get the designated locations, you can use lateral;

(2) cells stretch and smooth, can be fixed at any location convenient retractor;

(3) made of soft-type amorphous solar cell;

(4) product integrates the battery, at night the weather conditions and poor storage can also be used on battery power, it can be light lifepo4 battery pack;

(5) that can be integrated to support many devices connected to DC12V cigar socket;

(6) Install DC5V USB interface for charging mobile phones and other devices;

(7) in favor of using natural discharge hydrogen battery;

(8) can be connected to two generators, increase the output efficiency to shorten the charging time.
solar power portable generator
The Institute integrated inverter with military technology production with an integrated charging and discharging electricity mains switch and auxiliary charging sine wave inverter, a  solar powered portable generation system specifications, cost-effective high and low length of life , the level of reliability and convenient installation by using or not, under the premise of solar panels and batteries to ensure the quality and performance depends largely on the ability to control integrated inverter.
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