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Basic Principle Of Solar Power System Controller

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-14 15:45:56
By the photovoltaic modules, lifePo4 batteries, controller and load circuit composed of a basic photovoltaic applications. Here switch Kl, K2 respectively charge switch and discharge switch, they are part of the controller circuit, Kl, K2 of the opening and closing by the control circuit system according to charging and discharging state to decide: disconnect the charging Jian Guan K1 when the lifePo4 battery is full otherwise, closed; over-discharge when the lifePo4 battery pack is disconnected discharge switch K2, otherwise closed. Switches K1, K2 is a switch in the broad sense, which includes various switching elements, such as a variety of electronic switches, mechanical switches. Electronic switches, such as small power transistor, Darlington, power FET (MOSFET), solid state relays, thyristor (IGBT, GTO), etc; mechanical switches, such as relays, AC and DC contactors, etc., depending on the system requirements selection of different switching elements or appliances.
The control circuit involved refers to a generalized control circuit is the core control circuit. It may be in various forms of circuit to play this role. As used in solar lawn light on the control circuit is to use a few pieces of voltage transistors, resistors, capacitors, inductors constituting the comparison boosting charge-discharge circuit, light control circuit; application in solar street light or mobile power control circuit is to use the integrated operational discharge voltage constituting the hysteresis comparator circuit to act as a control center, or using microcontroller (MCU) as the core control circuit to control the logic switches Kl, K2; a larger system, such as a variety of solar photovoltaic power plant (such as independent, grid, hybrid), the core of its charge and discharge controller on the use of microcontroller (MCU) or digital signal processing (DSP) chip, or even industrial control computer, etc., in addition to the basic charge and discharge control functions, but also with a friendly display interface, remote telemetry functions and complex control algorithms.
solar power portable generator
Control core circuit, there are using microcontroller (MCU), as well as DSP and even industrial control computer, not only to the complex but also to the hardware and software technology and hardware control algorithms to adapt. This requires not only hardware design from circuit design to component selection must be done the best, reliable and strong anti-jamming capability, and control algorithms and software design must also be strict simple, strong anti-interference ability and fault resiliency these requirements for the reliable operation of photovoltaic power plants is essential, otherwise it will result in unpredictable consequences. In addition, in practical application of solar power geneation systems, small systems and consumer electronics products in an integrated operational amplifier and the breakdown of the control circuit element consisting of more small and medium systems with integrated operational amplifier constitutes a voltage comparator circuit and microprocessor controller circuits are more large-scale systems (such as various PV power plant) in the DSP of the more obvious advantages, strong DSP processing power, speed, the advantage in MPPT.

The basic principle of the controller circuit, the actual application of the system far more than these, there are many practical system controller additional circuitry (such as current voltage Bian sample circuit, temperature measuring circuit, etc.), and also involves a lot of control strategies, algorithms (such as system optimization, reliability, MPPT, Gao mention how the battery charge and discharge performance and other aspects). But regardless of portable solar power generator system size, how complicated, the basic principle is the same, that is directly coupled MPPT control and tracking control, control strategy is adopted, ease of different algorithms.

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