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Basic Method Of Battery Capacity

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-13 14:07:39
First, load the required electricity per day multiplied by the number of self-sufficiency of days according to the actual situation can be determined on the initial lifePo4 battery capacity.

The second step, the first step to get the most battery capacity of the lifePo4 battery divided by the maximum allowable depth of discharge. Because you can not let the battery discharge completely self-sufficient in a few days, it is divided by the maximum depth of discharge, get the required battery capacity. Select the maximum depth of discharge of the need to refer to the solar power generation system choose to use the battery performance parameters, you can get detailed information about the maximum depth of discharge of the battery from the battery supplier. Often the case F, if you are using a deep cycle type battery is recommended to use 80% depth of discharge (DOD); If you are using a shallow cycle lifePo4 batteries, recommended use use 50% DOD. He designed storage capacity of King of basic formulas as follows.

Here we introduce the method of determining the lifePo4 battery strings in parallel. Each battery has its nominal voltage. In order to achieve a nominal voltage of the load of work, we'll Pan lifePo4 batteries in series to the load, the number of required storage batteries connected in series is equal to the nominal load voltage divided by the nominal battery voltage.

To illustrate the application of the above basic formula, we use a small AC photovoltaic applications as a paradigm example. Suppose the PV system AC load power consumption is l〇kW «h / day, if the photovoltaic system.
Lithium Cylindrical Battery
We chose to use the inverter efficiency of 90%, the input voltage is 24V, then the availability of the required DC load demand 462.96A.h / day (10000W.h + 0.9 + 24V = 462.9SA * h). We assume this is a load on the power supply requirements are not very strict system, users can compare the flexibility to adjust the power according to the weather conditions. We choose the number of days five days of self-sufficiency, and the use of deep cycle battery, 80% depth of discharge, the lifePo4 battery capacity = 5 days X462. 96A • h/ 0. 8 = 2893. 51A • h If you use 2VA400A*h) monomer batteries, then the number of batteries required number of series in series battery = 24V/2V = 12 (a) requires the number of parallel parallel battery battery number two 2893. 51/400 = 7.23 we rounded 8. Therefore, the system requires the use 2V/400A*h is the number of lifePo4 batteries: 12 in series X8 parallel = 96.

For the lifePo4 battery, the battery capacity is not static, and the battery capacity are two important factors: the battery discharge rate and ambient temperature.

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