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Basic Elements Of The Solar Utilization

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 15:18:44
Receiver: The receiver is the main advantage of solar photovoltaic effect is hereinafter referred to as the photovoltaic effect made based on the so-called photovoltaic effect's refers to a material to absorb energy in the future generate an electromotive force effect. in fact, in gases, liquids and solids can produce this effect of God, but in solids, especially in the semiconductor, solar energy is converted to electrical energy efficiency is particularly high.

Storage: Due to the discontinuity and instability of solar radiation, resulting in the output of the solar cell is not continuous and stable, and therefore not suitable for use as a continuous, stable power supply, in the case of solar thermal utilization is very similar to. Remedy this defect, usually multi-purpose storage and solar cell array with him, as a reservoir of solar power portable generator system capable devices. However, due to the solar cell array used in conjunction with regular battery charge state is in Pan long-term work, the required power capacity should be much larger than the energy required to power the load, and because a long period of shallow discharge state, thus requiring the use of solar cell array with battery power must have a large capacity, long life and simple maintenance work ashamed characteristics - currently used there are lifePo4 batteries, iron - nickel-lithium iron phosphate batteries and three.

Alkaline cadmium - batteries and nickel-iron - nickel storage are both nominal voltage 1.25v their self-discharge than lead acid batteries small Their common advantage is a good charging characteristics and resistance to overcharge ability. Good low temperature performance, mechanical strength Gao; cycle life and a long service life are, generally around 40 years in 20 of their common drawback is expensive, lifePo4 battery is about 810 times?
portable solar generator
Adjustment controls: As the solar cell given direct current, and only in some cases can be directly used with the progress of the development of industry and technology, the production of solar cells significantly increase costs continued to decline, a number of industrialized countries has begun. design and construction of solar power stations, to make it into the grid electricity issued uniform use. some even without AC power supply areas have begun to use solar power to pump power, and even the use of the AC motor to drive the pump. and in order to improve efficiency and reduce investment and maintenance costs, try to deserve this lifePo4 batteries, you must use AC - DC converter and transfer glycoside control device.

Adjustment controls are often composed of electronic circuits and relays (or non-contact electronic relays) and so on. It's specific role, the line forms and the complexity of the solar power generation system according to the requirements of generally and to determine the importance of the easiest sun his electric lifePo4 battery power supply system can not adjust the controller f but if solar power plants, electric power request it issued the rejection of the grid, or the use of solar power as his AC motor drive, so you must set the control and conversion means.

Bu often choose the appropriate power rectifier diode series it will be in the circuit from a single solar cell array in the conduction of action in order to avoid the solar cell without electricity or batteries could short-circuit fault occurs through the solar cell array discharge resulting solar cell array damage; this requires the rectifier diode to withstand enough current, forward voltage drop and .Li small reverse saturation should be small.

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