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Basic Design Method Of Solar Power Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-27 15:41:28
The solar power generation system has various classification methods depending on the solar cell portion, the portable solar power generator scale, and the surrounding system.First of all, the solar cell section is described, which can be divided into subassemblies, assemblies, assemblies, and arrays, which are defined in a variety of ways, and are defined in general terms.

The so-called components, it refers to a number of solar cells in series or parallel connection to get the required voltage and current, and packaging,
It is composed of multiple components.
The so-called array, which is composed of multiple composite panels. Broadly, the combination of the pole and array are collectively referred to as the array,
The so-called sub-components, which is a combination of a number of solar cell components, also known as no plate of the combination.For example, in the 10 cm X 10 cm substrate, arranged in series with a number of amorphous silicon solar cell integration Type amorphous silicon solar cells, often called sub-components.
Flat-panel solar power does not focus on the sun, while the usual sun people shot at solar cells, it is divided into
Fixed-type array, that is, the solar modules fixed in a year the average light for the best azimuth and elevation of the position,
Semi-fixed array, that is, according to the four seasons, fixed in a few elevation angle position.
Tracing type, that is, the azimuth and elevation of the day can automatically adjust.
on grid solar energy system
Concentrated solar power is to make solar cells in the focus of the high-energy-density sunlight work is divided into: (1) composite board tracking, that is, a single block of the board tracking, (2) turntable, it The angle of the turntable is changed, the azimuth angle is changed, and the elevation angle of each composite plate is also changed.Therefore, it is expensive and must always be maintained for the tracking system of the concentrating type.Therefore, considering the sunlight Power generation is flat type of good, or condenser type of rape, must consider the installation of weather conditions and the use of solar cells into the
In the United States, both the concentrating and flat-tracking methods are being further developed, while the (Japan) is dominated by the flat-plate type of fixed-type. The reason for this is that, In the United States on the level of sunlight, direct light occupy a large proportion of tracking methods can increase the annual power generation, while the proportion of scattered light in Japan, with the advantages of the method is not obvious,

The solar power generation system can also be classified according to the presence or absence of the power storage device, the AC / DC conversion device, and the connection device. The serial-to-parallel conversion device is adapted to change the connection of the solar cells, so that the AC / DC conversion device can obtain a suitable current / This is because the solar cell depends on the meteorological conditions, its output power, especially the current range of great changes in the reason.

The AC-DC converter is a device that converts DC power into AC power, which requires voltage regulation function and frequency adjustment function. The AC-DC converter is divided into two types according to the excitation mode. Type and self-excited, in addition, from the component point of view, a silicon-controlled rectifier and transistor type, Table 9-3 lists the performance of the previous general converter, and 9-4 listed with the small solar power The performance of the converter in the system, recently, gate-controlled cut-off thyristor of the eye-catching, GTO converter performance than the previous good, but the price is still high, pending the future development.

The connecting device is a device for connecting an existing AC system with a solar power generator system, and as a necessary function, it is required to have a switching function for connecting the portable solar power generator equipment and the AC power supply system, and to accumulate the consumed power according to the direction of power transmission Power, to prevent the flow of power from the power system is too high and the pulse of the accident control and protection, etc. Control device is to monitor, control and protection devices, so that the entire system to run in harmony.

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