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Basic Circuit Of Solar Battery Power Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-26 18:39:08
There are two ways to use a solar cell as a power source:

Only the way the sun battery for power;

And with a secondary battery:

The circuit composition of these two methods is different, according to the sixth chapter 6.2 of the circuit design described in the basic considerations for design,

Use only solar cells for power.

Solar cell output voltage depends on the illumination, so the use of solar power batteries as an independent power supply, in order to illuminance changes in the output voltage of solar cells to maintain stability, need to adopt rejection by the voltage control diode and stabilization of the capacitor composed of stabilizing circuit Voltage control with bipolar Zener diodes are used to control the voltage in a certain value of non-magnetic.Through the diode and the regulator of the capacitor (the pulse of the fluorescent lamp and other human light transient changes in the smoothing effect) voltage Of the changes in the actual range of changes in illumination control within ± 10%
(Magic solar bubble additional secondary battery used.

When a secondary battery is attached to the solar cell, the current control circuit (or voltage control circuit) and the secondary battery are composed of an anti-backflow diode, a function of each circuit will be described later.

The operating point of the solar cell.

Application of solar cells, in addition to considering the basic circuit, the working point of the solar cell is also a problem, so the following first describes the working conditions of solar cells, solar battery operating point by the load impedance, secondary battery voltage to decide. When the load is connected, the solar cell operates at the intersection of the current-voltage characteristic of the load and the current-voltage characteristic of the solar cell. When the secondary battery is connected, the solar cell operates at a voltage equal to the voltage of the secondary battery, The actual working point of the battery voltage and current are called the working voltage, operating current, the value described in section 4.5 of the solar cell output when the best working voltage, current is not necessarily the same.
In order to make solar cells more efficient, we must try to make the working point close to the best working point, it must be based on the load impedance or the secondary battery voltage to determine the series of solar cell series, in addition to solar cells must be based on the output current To fully meet the requirements of the load machine and the secondary battery to determine the size of the unit solar cells for solar power generation, but the solar cell current-voltage curve as described in Chapter IV with the illumination and larger changes, so the operating point of solar cells with illumination And therefore determine the operating point of the solar cell, the solar cell must be given the type of light source and illuminance range.

A variety of electronic products on solar cells is designed under what kind of incident light conditions to the calculator, for example, it is usually in indoor light [200-800lx) under the use, but also in the lower Of the light intensity, such as aircraft seats under the spotlight, the minimum illumination is estimated to 50lx. In addition, because solar cells may also be used in direct sunlight, so the maximum illumination of about 20,000 2 IX, in some illumination current and voltage Curve and operating point of the operating point of different illumination has a greater change, so no time to ensure that the minimum illumination of 50 lx, the calculator can work.This is usually always choose the operating voltage of solar power batteries than normal Illumination when the best working voltage is low.

The working point is moved in the direction of high voltage and the working point is controlled so as not to exceed a certain value at high illuminance, and the use conditions of the various solar power portable generator are only an example of how to estimate the environment in which the various devices are used, Are somewhat different.

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