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Are You Also Auestioning Tesla's Solar Products?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-10 14:31:54
Maske released two high-profile new energy products, namely, integrated solar tiles and new energy storage battery Powerwall2. The two products by subversion of the traditional high value, so Maske will "sexy" from the field of electric vehicles into the energy industry.

After the conference, a number of well-known media released a new Tesla to give a high rating. However, there are still different voices. A number of world-renowned experts and professors, from the use of cost, energy efficiency, safety and other three aspects of the new Tesla solar questioned.

Challenges of Energy Efficiency

Although the energy efficiency of Tesla solar tiles "can reach 98% of the efficiency of traditional solar panel power generation and energy storage batteries", the material scientist Rodrigo Paiva Martins of the Royal Institute of Technology in Portugal does not think so, Maske said at the press conference. Martins is currently focused on the development of thin-film solar cells, he believes that "from a practical point of view, Tesla's new solar panel is difficult to have a high enough energy efficiency." Compared with traditional solar panel 10% energy efficiency, solar The energy efficiency of tiles is estimated to be only 3% to 4%. If you want to improve energy efficiency, you must improve the manufacturing process.
energy storage battery Powerwall2
This voices of doubt have been recognized by another expert. According to Reinders, professor of industrial design at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, Musk did not disclose the technology used in solar roofs, although he claimed to achieve 98% of the traditional solar panel, but under the existing conditions, this is Difficult to achieve.

The use of cost doubts

YetRonnen Levinson, a rooftop solar research expert at the Berkeley National Laboratory in Lawrence Berkeley, argues that consumers' regional and local tariffs are factors to consider. Because solar roofs are expensive to buy and install, the Tesla panels may not be a good choice at lower solar panel energy efficiency if the consumer is not in the right area.

In addition, each region of the grid policy is not the same, the consumer through solar energy generated by the system can be incorporated into the local power grid, is also a factor to be considered. Otherwise, consumers will be difficult to recover the investment cost of solar panels. In this case, the consumer might as well use the power provided by the grid.
Security question

Maske said at the press conference, Tesla solar tiles used in the glass material, compared with the traditional roof, more durable, the service life is 2-3 times the traditional roof. However, Professor Reinders believes that in the cold weather, the glass is not the ideal material.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology solar cell research expert Professor PetterJelle also made a similar point of view. He believes that Tesla's roof solar products in extreme weather conditions - snow, ice, wind, rain, and ultraviolet, and so on, can be tested, remains to be observed.
lifepo4 solar storage batteries
In the press view, the above experts and professors belong to the industry, their views worthy of attention, and should get the attention of Tesla engineers. However, no matter what the actual conditions at this stage, Maske has described to humans a picture: through the use of solar energy and solar power generator, lit people's daily lives, and provide a steady stream of traffic power. This and Edison invented the original bulb, as exciting.

100% of the use of renewable energy, is not it human beings in the field of energy the ultimate goal? Perhaps this time, Masi and walk in the forefront of mankind.

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