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Application Of Solar Battery Radios

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-27 15:28:57
Radio is used a  samll solar power generation for power supply .Has been developed for the long-term use of solar cells as the power of the radio in which the application of solar cells and watches in the application is the second charge of the radio within him with amorphous silicon solar cells Radio, the secondary battery using solar power batteries.This radio is the normal use of the radio body on the chest pocket, while the sun part of the exposed pocket in the pocket so that it can be charged.

The design of the solar cell for the radio is almost the same as that for the watch. The necessary driving voltage of the radio is 1.2 V and the driving current is 1.15 mA. If the charging is 10000 IX, the charging is minimum. The output characteristics of the amorphous silicon solar cells are 0.55V and 1mA / cm2, respectively, and the voltage required for the solar battery to charge the secondary battery through the anti-backflow diode is 1.2 V + 0.7 V = 1.9V, 1.9v / 0.55v = 3.45 series of the necessary number of units of the battery should be taken 4.

Second, the fake in the sunny 10000IX illumination when the capacity of 50mA when the  lifePo4 battery to be charged 4h, from the 10Ix amorphous silicon solar cells when the best operating current 10 mA / cm2 obtained for each cell area of the unit 50mA / 10mAcm2 X 4h = 1.25cm2. It can be seen from the use of an area of 1.25cm2 of the four series of integrated amorphous silicon solar cells, radios and calculators compared to its power consumption, it is best to use the first The overall size of the solar cell is 6.25cm2. Its external dimensions can be made into 1.8X3.5cm2 of the components .This way of the lifePo4 battery structure.If the effective area of type II is 80% The charging current of the cadmium battery is 0.25 C, which is larger than the standard charging current of 0.1 C. However, the charging time is not so long when the battery is charged by the solar battery, so there is no problem in practical use.
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This is the average capacity from the load and the longest sunshine interval calculated the lifePo4 battery capacity method can be seen that no sunshine time is very long, then calculate the battery capacity is great, on the other hand, the lead-acid battery charging current required Generally 1C-0.05C or more, from the point of view of extending the life of the secondary battery, it is desirable to use as close to the full charge state as possible, so that when the battery capacity is increased too, it must be increased from the solar cell module Output power.Therefore, the capacity of the battery must be taken with the capacity of the solar battery with the four-phase, too consider the safety and extend the sunshine time is not appropriate, it is generally believed that the lifePo4 batteries output power of solar battery output power for the solar cell output power Of the more appropriate about three times.

In addition, for independent solar power generation systems, due to safety concerns, the load can not be completely interrupted within one year, it is necessary to consider the safety factor of anomalous weather. When connecting the power generation network, the sunshine variation and load power consumption curve are comprehensively studied to determine the final Power supply scale.
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