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Application of LifePo4 Battery Energy Storage System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 11:56:28
Through painstaking development of lifePo4 chemical solar power portable generator, and application testing, it has been overcome and continue to overcome the energy storage generator and an application problem.

In the lifePo4 battery cost structure, accounting for nearly 75% of the material costs, including labor costs and manufacturing costs, other costs, including accounting for 25% of the total head. According to the distribution of costs, targeted to take the appropriate cost reduction measures:
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Transit storage using fully automated equipment. This is for measures to reduce the manufacturing costs and labor costs used, and handmade contrast, productivity increased by more than 50 percent of manufacturing costs fell more than 7%, so that labor costs fell by about 2%. Application of automation equipment, so that the overall cost of lithium iron phosphate fell by about 10%.

Standardization process and other materials continuously optimized. In addition to the positive and negative electrodes and a separator material and other major materials and other battery materials of lifePo4 batteries pack, transit as far as possible the use of standardized materials to make lifePo4 batteries and battery mass production, the cost to have decreased greatly, and in the process constantly optimized. In 2015, the overall transit costs have fallen by about 12% in the standardization process optimization and materials.

By improving the main raw material of the main material costs down. Transit through improved formulation and process improvement, and constantly improve the utilization of the main material, but also a greater reduction in the cost of the main material. Although prices since 2015, the main material are rising, but the proportion of the cost of the material is not of God increased, and declined slightly.
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Consistency and long service life, so that the cost of energy storage systems in actual use plays a key role in the decline. Because the transit of equipment with full self, so the consistency and with the group is guaranteed, with full transit tabs and other original process so that the lifePo4 batteries as a storage battery for solar powe portable generator more than 5000 times, greatly reduce the actual operating costs.

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scheduling algorithm is the key to the optimal functioning of the storage system. Usually storage battery system consists of a storage battery, inverter, control component devices and transformers.
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