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Application of Latent Heat Storage in Portable Solar Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 16:11:47
There are some shortcomings, such as low energy storage density and low temperature and low temperature, which have many advantages, such as low cost, abundant material source, easy to obtain, stable and reliable technology, and so on. High volatility, etc. • Therefore, the use of high energy storage density, the required material volume and weight are small, and in the process of storage and heating temperature fluctuation range is small (and thus do not need or need only a very simple adjustment and Control system) of the heat storage materials, naturally become a topic of great interest to people, phase change latent heat storage method will be "came into being.We expect these can be used in portable solar power generator.

The general principle of latent heat storage Latent heat storage is the use of material phase change occurs when the need to absorb (or release) a lot of heat to achieve the nature of the heat storage, and sometimes known as the phase change heat storage or heat storage of heat.The so-called latent heat, The amount of heat absorbed (or emitted) by the phase transition of a mass material is only related to the matter of the divine, and is of little relevance to the external conditions. • The substance of mass w is absorbed (or released) Of the heat.

Usually the material from solid to liquid when the absorption of heat is called the latent heat of melting, and the material from the liquid condensed into solid when the release of heat is called the latent heat of solidification. Similarly, the material evaporated from the liquid vapor into the absorption Of the heat is called evaporation C or vaporization) latent heat, and condensed from the vapor into the liquid state when the heat released as latent heat of condensation; solid sublimation into a gaseous heat absorbed by sublimation latent heat, solar power generator and condensed directly into the solid by the gaseous state Is also called latent heat of solidification • In general, the following relationships exist between the three latent heats.
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Latent heat storage characteristics: In general, the sensible heat storage and latent heat storage both complement each other, and the length; and, the main disadvantage of sensible heat storage can be used latent heat .The main advantages of latent heat storage are as follows:

Storage temperature or heat temperature fluctuation range is small. Generally only in the range of 2 ~ 3UC R like paraffin such as organic salts, storage and heat release temperature range is relatively large, about dozens of degrees Celsius - and thus , As long as the selection of appropriate phase change material, the phase transition temperature and the requirements of the user is basically the same demand,solar power generator in addition to adjusting the heat flow of the device, almost without any other temperature control or control system so that not only design and engineering For simplicity, can also reduce a lot of cost.

Latent heat storage system problems: the use of phase change material storage system, the design of the main problems encountered are as follows:
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Because of the characteristics of the phase change material, when the temperature of the system is near its melting point, the solid and liquid two phases coexist and should not be pumped, so it can not double as the heat medium, so in the process of collecting and storing and releasing heat. Generally require two separate fluid circulation circuit C2 It is often impossible to achieve a large thermal diffusivity and heat capacity for a phase change material because the following relationship exists between the thermal conductivity of the material, L, and the specific heat capacity, G, where P is the material. And it is desirable to have as large a heat capacity as possible for the phase change thermal storage material in addition to the latent heat of fusion solar power portable generator is as large as possible as much as possible.In fact, typical phase change materials meeting these two requirements generally have only Low thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity.Therefore, there is often a need for specially designed and fabricated (and hence expensive) solar exchangers.
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