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Application Of Household Solar Power Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-10 17:54:40
Our solar power generator system has a wide range of applications, because this new technology has just been developed, it is a very prosperous period, the number of watts of our solar photovoltaic panels in many countries are using this new technology, and many Areas are also using this technology, then we come together to look at our home solar powered portable generator system applications which have it!

I know, there is an office building in Mumbai, India is the application of this new technology, called the dome office building, the use of solar energy design, is passive, through our light intensity to adjust our office building Its temperature, by reducing the gain, so that people indoors can feel the effect of Dongnuanxialiang, so this office will become famous, and another country, that is, Freiburg solar city, this The reason why the city is called the name, because here the roof design of residential buildings are used in our photovoltaic panels, popular is equivalent to the formation of an umbrella on the roof, the same can play the effect of Dongnuanxialiang . In addition to these, in fact, there are many foreign cities using this new technology, are related to the photovoltaic power generation system.

Second, it is home PV power system applications, there are solar power one machine applications, such as many of our family's solar garden lights, there is the Jiangsu PV module inspection report solar power household systems, as well as for Small villages to use a more independent solar powered portable generator supply system, there is the pump, also like the use of photovoltaic panels installed price of solar photovoltaic panels to water and irrigation crops, which are our family or the use of light industry, but also can be used in communications The system works like a highway signpost.
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Household solar powered portable generator system capacity may vary depending on the amount of household electricity consumption, must be from the practical and economic aspects of the main surface to consider how much capacity to install the system to fit in order to effectively grasp the entire System cost, solar panel capacity and battery capacity calculation is the most basic and most important work of designing solar power generation system.

Design of solar solar powered portable generator system is a very professional work, because it involves many factors, making the system design is more complex, for non-professionals, it is more difficult to grasp. However, before planning to install solar power systems, a preliminary understanding of their own need to use the amount of solar panels and batteries, it is very necessary. A professional module of the role of solar modules for solar power generation system design software just to solve this Hua Wei problem.

With the help of home solar powered portable generator system calculation software, solar PV system designers and non-professionals can use it to quickly and easily calculate the required capacity of solar panels and batteries. The software interface is simple and clear, just enter their daily average power consumption, the use of solar power system, the number of rainy days, you can quickly calculate the results.
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