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Alpine Alpine "Sunshine" Miracle

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-10 18:49:54
When we are still in the sun in the south to enjoy the sun, a group of people in northern Tibet, the snow sowing "sun." The successful completion of the "Renewable Energy Local Area Network Project in Shuanghu County of Tibet", which was participated by Sunshine People, marked the completion of the most advanced and largest construction of optical storage and firewood micro-grid solar power generator system in the world. Lakers' "sunshine" life. Shuanghu County, who lives in the Dolma from a farewell to the dim butter lamps, clean, stable and efficient power to add a beacon for her home, the TV broadcast of exciting programs, fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, Some warmth.

As the history of the famous life of the restricted area, Shuanghu's natural environment is extremely poor. Erection of power grids in the region is difficult and costly. The original grid, the new photovoltaic microgrid system to meet the load of all the city's power supply, power shortage, power imbalance, surges and other potential problems are challenges. To this end, UFO energy science and technology design and a number of innovative technologies, in the Shuanghu average elevation of 5,000 meters above the sky city to create a "sunshine" miracle.

The entire double-lake micro-grid, energy storage system power 7MW, by 14 500kW energy storage inverter in parallel composition, responsible for the establishment of 10kV AC bus, improve microgrid power quality and ensure the stability of micro-network system. The parallel connection of 14 high-power energy storage inverters is a complicated system engineering. By parallel synchronization and stable operation of 14 energy storage inverters, advanced technologies such as carrier synchronization and virtual synchronous generator are realized. Is the first. In addition, UFO Energy Technology also designed a comprehensive fault handling strategy to achieve a number of parallel devices online fault removal and automatic recovery after the failure of synchronization inputs. In order to better cooperate with the energy management system in the whole piconet system, the local intelligent controller is used to realize the unified management and scheduling of the parallel devices, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the energy management system and improves the power supply reliability of the microgrid.
solar power generation system
Lifepo4 battery longevity and efficient

As we all know, lithium batteries are the core components of energy storage system. In the Shuanghu project, lifepo4 storage battery technology, high electrolyte and electrolyte retention rate to ensure that the single cell 100% DOD cycle life of more than 6000 times. High energy density saves system space, the battery charge and discharge efficiency of up to 97% to reduce system energy consumption. At the same time, the modular system components, standard 19-inch rack, front-end design of the terminals are easy to install and maintain the system.

One of the ultimate design simplicity

Shuanghu energy storage system, including energy storage inverter, lifepo4 battery pack, BMS and related fire, storage, local intelligent controller and other units. Among them, the box-type medium voltage storage inverter built-in two 500kW energy storage inverter, transformer, AC-DC power distribution and auxiliary systems, can withstand sand, rain and snow and a variety of harsh environments. Box-type lithium battery unit for the convenience of container transport, all lithium battery systems are pre-cable connection, communications, transfer, greatly reducing the owner of the construction site cycle. Container system integration program, able to disperse the components, organically coordinated as a system, so that the ultimate simplicity, the maximum convenience to the customer's use.

Breakthrough height write miracle

Has been committed to the professional energy storage system integration, from design to operation and then to the operation and maintenance, to provide one-stop service for customers worry-free. From the altitude of 4300 meters of Qinghai governance, to the altitude of 5,000 meters of Tibet, Tarquin, and then to the 5300 meters Shuanghu, continue to break through innovation, renewable energy storage system global application "new heights", write "sunshine" miracle .

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