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Advantages Of Water-based Salt Storage Heat

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 16:41:52
In order to ensure that the phase change material solidification rate (and thus heat release rate) in line with the heating rate, often need to heat exchanger special design.

As for the heating and air conditioning systems, because the two best exothermic temperature is not the same, so generally need to use two different phase change materials and two heat storage container.In addition, if the phase change material storage heat and the difference between the exothermic temperature and the ambient temperature is large, it is also necessary to take special insulation measures for the heat storage container.Portable solar power generator are widely used in emergency equipment for power supply.

Due to the phase change material (specially inorganic hydrated salt) often occurs undercooling and crystallization of the separation phenomenon, the need to add into shuttle and thickener after a number of thermal cycles may be damaged, the phase change material on the container wall The long-term corrosion will produce impurities, etc., all of the normal operation of the system has brought a variety of problems, require special consideration given separately.
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The advantages of water-based salt storage heat: In a variety of inorganic salts composed of phase change material, the general inorganic salts have a higher melting point, and more in the hundreds of degrees Celsius and even more than 1000 degrees Celsius; although a small number of anhydrous inorganic The low melting point of salt, but often too expensive, and the source is not rich, especially in the low temperature range, many of the melting point of hydrated salts are more suitable as a heating and air conditioning system phase change thermal storage material . The storage energy density in the range of 120-100KJ/kg, and the latent heat of ice is almost the same; and the price is relatively cheap, the source is also relatively Feng window - Table 4-2 lists the commonly used salt-free salt hydrate Of the thermophysical properties.

It was first recognized that the possibility of using phase change materials with high melting latent heat in building heating and air conditioning systems was also an outstanding pioneer in practice, and in 1948 she guided construction For more than thirty years, she led the team on the elements of the periodic table of all 92 kinds of elements and hundreds of inorganic salts and its hydration (hydration) And the results show that the hydrate salts are suitable for various heat storage conditions.As the available inorganic salt hydrate is more, it only needs to calculate the temperature and heat quantity of the heat load The need to select the appropriate amount of hydrated salts and the corresponding amount can be basically consistent with the demand.Especially, because most of the lower melting point of hydrated salts, such as f-plate solar collector with the use of, Can ensure that solar collectors are always operating at higher efficiency.In addition, the use of the temperature of the plant is almost constant waste heat or waste heat storage, but also very convenient

The use of hydrated salts as phase change thermal storage material does have many undisputed advantages.However, from the practical application point of view, the vast majority of hydrated salts and are There are a series of shortcomings and problems, if not be well overcome, it is impossible to large-scale and long-term use.
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