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Advantages of Solar Wind Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:29:15
1, The starting power is very large: As the solar power battery charge for solar powered portable generator is active lead area determined. Solar batteries on the one hand wound electrode with a pure material so that the activation unit area increased significantly, partly because of the use of winding technology, so that the lead plate area is much higher than ordinary flat type lead battery area. Thus, the solar battery winding large storage capacity is obvious. Also, because the gap between the plate and the plate is very small, thus reducing the internal resistance. Thus, the unit of time will be able to output astonishing power. Solar wind battery of the same specifications and compare ordinary batteries, solar wind battery power output will have at least four times higher than ordinary batteries.

2, The charge very quickly: As the solar wind battery internal resistance is very low, so that it can be accepted substantially all of the charging current, and the larger capacity of its own, so there is no charge current limit, which is generally one hour fast charge time about're always set higher compared to normal internal resistance of batteries, some charging current will dissipate into heat, and the charging time generally takes at least 6 hours or more, much more quickly if the solar battery to be wound on.

3, Minimal self-discharge: As the solar wind battery internal resistance is very low, so itself when idle self-discharge is minimal. Winding Solar batteries, can be placed on two years without charge, compared to ordinary batteries can be placed up to 1-2 months to have its electric charge, the solar wind battery is much worry.

4, Long life: As the solar wind battery active lead area is very large, so the ability to recover after their discharge is also very strong, according to the American SAE standard J240 in the test, the number of starts winding solar battery up to 15,000 times or more, compared to ordinary battery power and the number of starts is generally about 2000-4000 times, the solar wind is more Energizer battery full five demeanor!

solar power generator

5,100% deep discharge and then charge ability: This is due to the internal resistance of the solar wind battery minimum and maximum of the active lead area determined. Solar power winding battery at full 100% recovery after deep discharge cycling capability up to 350 times. After the 50% depth of discharge, the number of its full power recycle up to 1500: After a 25% depth of discharge, the whole battery recharging cycles up to 4000 times is more, we can see, the use of solar batteries is wound Insurance is more reliable.

6, Resistant to heat and cold: Since lifepo4 battery for solar battery using a spirally wound winding technology, the gap between the plates which small plate, and the acid is a solid acid, and can be adsorbed by the glass fiber web, the whole structure is very close. Therefore, at high temperatures, it basically does not take gas bubbling phenomenon at low temperatures, which can be frozen and no liquid acid, so there was no current output to reduce the problem, according to the American SAE standard test, the solar battery can be wound in the range of -40℃ -65℃ safe work fast start and traction, while the average battery temperature range is generally -5℃ -40℃. Thus, with respect to the cold climate of northern and southern hot climate, the use of solar wind battery will be more secure.

7, Resistant to vibration and shaking violently: As the solar wind spirally wound battery technology and the use of a solid acid, so its ability to earthquake shaking is very remarkable, and its resistant 4G (33hZ) 12 hours of shock and vibration 6G 4 hours after the damage is also flat, but also its upside too safe. Military tests, when the bullet pierced the battery, it can quickly start the vehicle still staggering, and ordinary flat structure and the use of liquid acid batteries, which can not be doomed to withstand large earthquakes shake that up to anti-4G (33HZ) ground motion four hours and one hour after 6G vibration does not work. Therefore, when the use of some special occasions environment, the solar wind battery will be more secure.

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8, Completely maintenance-free: Since solar wind battery is completely sealed structure, and electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen can not escape, it can be automated synthesis of water inside the battery, so the solar wind never need to add water to the battery, and which uses pure electrode material is not left to waste, so the solar wind battery without any inspection and maintenance in use, compared to ordinary batteries regularly add water and cleaning, the use of solar batteries will have to facilitate the winding worry much more.

9. Security: As the solar battery which is important for portable solar power generator is winding dry completely sealed construction, the gas produced in-house automation together, doesn't produce any harmful gases, even in the semi-sealed environment, the same security.

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