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Advantages of Photovoltaic Devices Bracket

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:58:18
With economic development, more and more materials are used in storage battery of portable solar power generator, but also spawned a lot of new equipment, PV mounting device is one of them. PV mounting device is generally PV manufacturers for the production of raw materials, lifePo4 batteries components, spare parts and other products. Is used repeatedly during still maintain the original physical form and function of the equipment. Its use in industry is extremely broad, but people understand it is minimal.
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Characteristics of PV Mounting Devices Are as Follows:

PV equipment industry is divided into five categories: silicon rods or silicon ingot manufacturing equipment, wafer or wafer manufacturing equipment, chip manufacturing equipment  lifepo4, liePo4 storage battery pack crystalline silicon thin-film module manufacturing equipment and manufacturing equipment.

PV Mounting equipment installation depending on the ground into three categories: First, the sloping roof PV system, the second is a flat roof PV system, three large-scale ground PV systems. Three systems have their own advantages and characteristics.

1.Sloping roof photovoltaic systems are generally placed on the stent our roof, so we have to follow to choose the type of roof bracket. Information on the sloping roof PV mounting device, it is suitable for different tile thickness, adjust the accessory equipment, to meet various application needs of customers, and it's also very easy to adjust, it is possible without damaging the roof waterproof system achieved under the mounting bracket.

2.Flat roof system for photovoltaic systems such stent device name suggests is a flat-shaped roof rack-mounted system, its installation easier. Because the installation surface is relatively flat, so suitable for large-scale laying of neat, with a variety of solid reliable foundation connections. You can also develop unique accessories according to customer requirements, so that customers get the maximum satisfaction.

3.Large-scale ground photovoltaic system is the most common type of large-scale ground PV mounting device is a photovoltaic system. Large ground PV systems generally use concrete strip foundation forms. By way of this bracket can be installed quickly implement, with the large-scale ground PV systems, improve power plant construction progress of players, so the use is most extensive solar powered portable generator. Several more are some types of PV mounting systems and the use of features. With industrial development, such devices will be more popular, so we have to be careful when selecting equipment, make our lives more convenient and faster.

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