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Advantages Of Solar Power Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 15:50:50
Although the solar power storage has many advantages, but there are also some shortcomings.For example, the water at high temperatures (more than 100C) under pressure to prevent vaporization, so that the pressure resistance of the container put forward higher requirements In addition, the water has a lot of metal corrosion, in order to prevent corrosion, you need to use special materials (such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc.) to make containers, some of which prices higher than the ordinary metal, Heat and mechanical faint to poor.Therefore, due to geographical reasons, in the rock, gravel and other solid material is relatively rich and the water source is very lack of areas, the use of solid materials for sensible heat storage, not only low cost, but also more convenient - Solar power storage is often used in conjunction with air collectors because of the poor thermal conductivity between particles such as rock and gravel that cause temperature stratification, a feature commonly found in soalr power generation systems.Solar power portable generator is a good choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts whether it is tourism or camping.

Rock thermal storage box, also known as rock pile bed, the use of loose accumulation of rock or pebble heat capacity for heat storage.Usually the use of air as a heating medium, through the bed inside the body to circulate in order to heat the bed or from the bed to extract heat . Designed to be a better accumulation of Song, you can have a meal meal to heat the desired two characteristics:

large scale solar power

The heat transfer coefficient between the air and the solids in the bed is high, which makes it possible to minimize the temperature between the heat and the heat, and between the air and the solid; since, when air is not flowing, The thermal conductivity is very low, so when the use of stacked bed for short-term heat storage, the outer surface of the insulation requirements are very low, can greatly reduce the cost of rock-bed longitudinal profile, which includes a porous structure supporting the bed and Air distribution vanes that minimize air passage and allow air to flow in both directions are generally made of wood, concrete or steel plates. To prevent air leakage, the bed should be sealed, for example, with epoxy or other thermal resistance. The top cover is sealed with butyl rubber or other suitable material, and the sealing material used is subjected to the maximum heat storage temperature of the bed body. For long-term solar power storage, the outer surface of the bed body There must be good insulation measures in order to reduce heat loss.This type of body is the heat medium and heat storage medium direct contact heat transfer Therefore, the accumulation of both the heat and heat exchanger is a short-tailed bird itself.

The shape of the bed and the size of the rock have an important effect on the operating characteristics of the packed bed. The ideal inlet for the packed bed should be as short as possible and the direction of the flow should be perpendicular to the cross-section. If the section is large, , Plus stroke is short, so E force drop is lower, so the required power of the fan is smaller; otherwise the required power of the fan is larger - in general, the shape of the bed most of the flat cylindrical approximation.

If the rock particles are smaller, the heat transfer area is larger, so the heat transfer rate increase, which is conducive to heat storage, but also conducive to the formation of temperature stratification within the bed, but the smaller the rock, the greater the pressure drop, The lower the air flow, the more power will be consumed by the machine, so the rock should not be too small so that the pressure drop is too great, so that the air flow is greatly reduced; on the other hand, the rock can not be too large , Apricot is heated inside the rock is not transparent, will also affect the storage performance of portable solar power generator as backup power supply.

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