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Advantages and Disadvantages of Super Capacitors

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 11:39:56
Supercapacitor Principles and Applications

Supercapacitor actually belongs to the electrochemical cell, causing the charge or energy storage such as portable solar power generator process can be reversed to each other, the number of its charging cycle of up to 10 million times. With performance advantages of various aspects of the scope of application of supercapacitors gradually expanded to grasp the principle of the device helps to normal operations. With powerful supercapacitor storage capacity and storage performance in a number of large and small equipment it has been widely used, and related to the industry more widely. Specific use in: vacuum switch, instrumentation, digital cameras and other small current power supply backup power; solar powered portable generator and small product charging rechargeable batteries. Since the functional advantages of ultracapacitors significantly, the use of auxiliary components may be appropriate to add a capacitor to optimize the structure, to further enhance the structural performance of ultracapacitors.
solar power portable generator
Super capacitor in the course not every respect superior, which requires in the use of super capacitors can master the advantages and disadvantages of the device. Limited manufacturing technology, lack of installation, commissioning, and other aspects of our presence in the super capacitor Shihai. Many use supercapacitors device blindly cause circuit failure, affecting the entire play device performance. As a new solar powered portable generator, supercapacitors advantage tend to come out to be significantly greater than the disadvantages.

(1) Advantages. Super capacitors are upgrading ordinary capacitive means, in the early implementation of an improved capacitor more aspects. The main Advantages:
① Capacitance. Routine early use of the capacitor, the capacitor storage capacity is small, can only meet the needs of small load circuit; and the capacitance of the capacitor can reach the level of super Farah, can fit more complex circuits required for the operation like portable solar power generator.
② Circuit. Super capacitor circuit configuration requirements low, no need to provide special charging circuit, discharge control circuit, and the capacitor usage time will not be overcharge, over discharge of.
③ Welding. Ordinary capacitors can not be welded, the installation of a supercapacitor can be welded process needed to prevent the lifePo4 batteries contact failure phenomenon, improve performance capacitor element.

(2) shortcomings. By supercapacitor performance testing, we found that the new capacitors are also disadvantages.
① Leakage. Super capacitor installation position is unreasonable, easily lead to electrolyte leakage and other problems undermining the structural performance of the capacitor.
② Circuit. Supercapacitor limited to using the DC circuit, it's compared with the aluminum electrolytic capacitors, supercapacitors greater internal resistance, not suitable for the operational requirements of the AC circuit.
③ Prices. Since the super capacitor is a new generation of high-tech products for example portable solar power generator, its just the market price is relatively high, increasing the cost of investment in equipment operation.
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Are used in the conventional capacitor, it is close to the two mutually insulated conductors and then form an electrode for storing electric charge, solar power portable generator. Supercapacitor or "electric double layer capacitor", is now a new energy storage device. From the physical point of view, with a super-capacitor charging time consuming short, long running time, temperature effect is good, strong environmental performance characteristics.

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