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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hybrid Power Supply System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-13 11:31:01
Hybrid power systems, solar power generation systems that use solar energy, in addition to the solar cell module array, but also the use of fuel oil as a backup portable solar power generator. The purpose of using hybrid power supply system is to the comprehensive utilization of the advantages of various power generation technology, to avoid their disadvantages. For example, the advantages of the several stand-alone PV system is low maintenance, the disadvantage is capable M output dependent on weather and unstable. Energy dependence of the integrated use of diesel generators and solar modules independent hybrid power supply system and a single system of energy provided to be small compared to the weather, its advantages are as follows.

① Using a hybrid power supply system can achieve better utilization of renewable energy. Ran inch because renewable energy is changing, unstable, so the system must be in accordance with the energy generating minimal period design. Because the solar power generation is designed in accordance with the worst-case scenario, so in other times, the system's capacity is too large. The excess energy generated by solar radiation peak periods can not use wasted, independent performance of the entire system would be lowered. If the worst month of the situation and the rest of the year vary widely, it may lead to a waste of energy M equal or exceed the needs of the design load.
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② With high system availability. In stand-alone renewable energy systems because of change and instability will lead to supply can not meet the load demand of the system occurs, that is, the presence of load probability, using a hybrid system will greatly reduce the load probability.

③ Compared with single-use diesel solar generator systems, it has the advantage of less maintenance and uses less fuel.

④ Higher fuel efficiency. Under low load conditions, the diesel engine fuel utilization is low, it will cause fuel waste. In a hybrid system can be integrated control makes the diesel engine rated power in the vicinity of the work, thereby improving fuel efficiency Gao of lifePo4 batteries.

⑤ Better load matching. After using a hybrid system, because the diesel generator can instantly provide greater power, the hybrid system can be applied to a wider range of load system, for example, you can use a large AC load, impact load and so on. You can also load and better match electricity generation system, you can simply do it just open the reserve source of energy during peak load periods. Sometimes the size of the load determines the need to use the hybrid system, a large load requires a large current and high voltage. If only the cost of using solar energy will be very Gao.

But hybrid system also has its drawbacks.

① Control more complicated. Because the use of a variety of energy sources, so the system needs to monitor the work of each of the energy sources, the process of interaction between the various energy sub-system, coordinate the operation of the entire system, thus leading to its control system more complex than the stand-alone system, now make more use of micro processing chip system management.

② Large initial project. Hybrid system design, installation, construction engineering projects larger than independence.

③ Independent systems require more maintenance. Use oil machine requires a lot of maintenance work, such as replacing the oil filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, etc., also need to add fuel to the fuel tank and the like.

④ Pollution and noise, the PV system is no noise, no emissions clean energy use, but because the system uses a hybrid diesel engine parked, so inevitably produce noise and pollution.
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Many civil aviation navigation equipment and communication power supply in remote areas without electricity, because of the power requirements are very Gao, we have adopted a hybrid soalr power portable generator system power supply, in order to achieve the best price. China, Xinjiang, Yunnan, construction of many rural PV power plant is the use of light diesel hybrid systems.

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