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Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles lifePo4 Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 11:03:38
Electric vehicles LifePo4 batteries Advantages:

Long-life lifePo4 battery, small size and light weight

lifePo4 battery for e-bike dynamic performance and lead-acid batteries (Simple models of electric bicycles) is similar to the charge 6 to 8 hours, depending on the battery capacity can run 30 to 45 kilometers, weighs only about 1/5 of lead-acid batteries, lifePo4 battery electric bicycle biggest advantage is long life.

Disclaimer: say expensive lifePo4 batteries only see the surface, in fact, carefully calculate the costs and lead-acid battery is about the same, the current general lifePo4 batteries 2 years warranty, lead-acid battery warranty for one year.
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lifePo4 battery has characteristics No Activation

When use lifePo4 batteries should notice , after some time use of battery is placed into hibernaculum, lower than normal capacity, use of time will come to shorten. But don't worry about this, lifePo4 batteries can easily activated, after 3-5 times normal charge-discharge cycle battery can be activated to recover normal capacity. As the lifePo4 battery's own characteristics, it's no memory effect. Therefore, use of new lifePo4 battery in tactivation process don't require special methods and equipment.

lifePo4 batteries with memory effect

When consumers to lead-acid batteries, nickel battery, always worry about the battery memory effect occurs, and so on with a lifePo4 battery, everyone can breath Panasonic lifePo4 battery with no memory effect. If there is consumers do not know how to charge the lifePo4 battery, it might take a look at the following.

Electric vehicles lifePo4 battery disadvantages:

Eectric car lifePo4 battery because the price is too high

The current price of lifePo4 battery e-bike generally higher than a few hundred dollars to one thousand yuan than the lead-acid battery electric vehicles, so the market is difficult to get consumer customer recognition. Lightweight lifePo4 batteries, environmental protection, will not cause environmental pollution after waste, once the application technology is mature, market sales increase, lifePo4 battery for solar power portable generator prices will be down.

lifePo4 battery charging time is too long counterproductive

lifePo4 battery or the charger will automatically stop after the battery is fully charged, there is no electricity nickel charger for so-called "trickle" charge for 10 hours. In other words, if your lifePo4 batteries in full, on the white charger is also charged. And we can not guarantee the protection circuit characteristics never change and the quality of safety battery charge and discharge, so your battery will be a long-term at the brink of danger. This is another reason we are opposed to long charge.

In addition, in some electric vehicles, charging more than a certain amount of time, if not remove the charger, this time not only to stop charging system will start to discharge - charge cycle. Perhaps the makers of this approach has its own purpose, it is clear that in terms of battery life is a disadvantage. So after purchase lifePo4 battery electric vehicles, to consulting firms or distributors, lifePo4 batteries do maintenance work.

lifePo4 battery power performance needs to be improved

Poor ability to lead-acid batteries in lifePo4 battery charge and discharge aspects of fluctuations compared to the much more power for the current car is not an effective use of lifePo4 is a major symptom in this also led to decreased durability.

lifePo4-ion battery safety issues outstanding

Safety of lifePo4 batteries is still to be improved. lifePo4 battery for portable solar power generator, combustion or explosion hazards are still not completely eliminated. Vehicle collision may lead to the battery positive and negative material to break through the membrane, rapid braking energy back to the battery charging and an ultra-high instantaneous currents and other factors will cause the battery to short circuit, temperature, cause a fire or explosion. Cause of the fire is a collision, leading to short-circuit the lifePo4 ion precipitation, contact with air fire will occur, burning. Further, the lifePo4 ion battery electrolyte is an organic electrolyte solution, these substances with air more easily caught fire after contact.
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