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A Solar Panel Cooling System Without Electricity

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-27 15:31:26
Its characteristics are the use of "solar thermal valve", no electricity can control the valve opening and closing. The principle is that the heated part of the sunlight in the heat, so that sub-valve open, and then open the mother valve to start the water supply. Once the water from the sub-valve water cooling part of the heat, the sub-valve will be closed, the mother valve will be closed, to stop water supply. Only the pressure of the pipe can be sprayed
on grid solar power generation system
Other applications include electronic toys, car lifePo4 batteries, etc. The solar cells used in electronic toys are the same as those used in calculators, and are used as independent power supplies. As a result of the development of large scale integrated circuits, the low power consumption of solar cells Applications to create favorable conditions. In order to prevent the self-discharge of the car battery, it is also possible to use an integrated type amorphous silicon solar cell, which is damaged or sometimes scrapped due to self-discharge for a long period of time. In order to prevent this, the solar cell Charging, so that the activation of the battery to suppress its self-discharge, the circuit is composed of large solar cell through the anti-reverse current diode and automotive battery phase.

The charging voltage of the car lifePo4 battery pack is 12 V or more, so the series number of the solar cell is as much as about 34. As described in the section, the amorphous silicon solar cell can be arbitrarily obtained by etching at a high voltage, It is very advantageous from the above description shows that the application of solar cells in electronic products is rapidly developing, especially with the development of amorphous silicon solar cells, its progress even more surprising in the future of solar cells in electronic products The application, according to its characteristics, will make greater progress.

Solar 48V pure sine wave inverter battery pack efficiency is low in part due to the collection of solar rays to enter the solar cells, and divergence in all directions. In order to allow them to flow in one direction, it is bound to pass through many layers of material. Each time the particles pass through, the efficiency of the solar cell is reduced once. The team is designed to minimize levels. Also reduces the loss. They used potassium niobate and barium niobate to synthesize perovskite crystals. The crystal is 6 times more absorptive and 50 times more metastable than the currently used thin-film solar cell compound semiconductors. Moreover, the adjustment of the composition of the material, the efficiency will increase. The material cheap, non-toxic, rich in earth reserves.
on grid solar energy system
The new lifePo4 batteries uses perovskite (CaTiO3) as the light-harvesting device and uses an organic hole transport material to replace the electrolyte used in conventional high-power inverter circuit boards. In the new lifePo4 battery manufacturing process, the scientists will be directly deposited perovskite material on a metal oxide film. But this will create a problem: add a single piece of material will usually make genuine buoyancy Wang inverter head to the shape and efficiency of solar cells is not stable, so it is difficult to apply it in daily life. The new method will dye-sensitized solar cell conversion efficiency increased to 15%, more than the traditional amorphous silicon solar cell Zunyi lithium solar street lighting efficiency. Scientists believe that the latest method will help to develop a better performance DSSC, its stability and efficiency is expected to equal or even exceed the best thin-film photovoltaic solar cells.

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