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Zinc Oxide-based Solar Cells "Like To Listen To" Music In Noise Environment

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 14:30:50
You may have heard of some modern farms in the cattle will play music, called "playing penguins" help to improve milk production, but you have heard of the solar power batteries to play music to improve solar power generator? Researchers at Imperial College London and Queen Mary University of London in the latest issue of "New Materials" magazine published a paper that sound waves generated by music will enhance the performance of zinc oxide-based solar cells, and pop music and rock and roll The effect is superior to the solar photovoltaic panel to install classical music.

Zinc oxide is a material capable of producing a piezoelectric effect, and a voltage is generated when a pressure is applied to such a material. Researchers using zinc oxide made hundreds of millions of small rods (nanorods), and then covered with a living polymer on it, this new device can convert sunlight into electrical energy, can be called acoustic solar panels. This zinc oxide-based solar power batteries take full advantage of the material properties, the sensitivity of the response to sound fluctuations, when the sound reaches 75 dB (that is equivalent to noisy roadside or office printer noise), the performance of professional solar street light brand will be great improve.
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Sound waves will produce random fluctuations, will cancel each other, may affect the overall output power of the solar power batteries, so the key is not to allow these random fluctuations in the sound of each offset, and let some of the sound to enlarge the battery output power. "Says James Durant of Imperial College of Technology. The researchers tried to use music instead of boring dull sound, analysis of different pitch on the battery performance. The results show that pop music and classical music are very different, popular music generated by the high-frequency sound on the battery performance is greater, can improve the performance of solar cells by about 40%. Solar street lamp battery box is also useful for solar powered portable generator.

The researchers said that this study for improving the efficiency of solar energy, the development of new low-cost print-type solar power batteries is of great significance. In some noisy, acoustic vibration frequent environment, such as solar air-conditioning, cars or trains and other means of transport, this acoustic solar cells will be more useless. At first glance, to the solar cell to listen to pop music, the study seems to be more interesting than practical, because the music itself is a very power consumption thing. However, scientists should not expect it to improve the efficiency of large-scale application, if it is for print-type solar power batteries, but today only a few solar powered portable generator use lifepo4 battery pack for storage power .then its appeal is simple and lower the threshold for the billboards to the lamp or screen that power supply. If the sound waves in the appropriate environment, do not need extra music, then such a small improvement, is not it also quite interesting? TAG: Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box Passenger NTPC Containerized Off-Grid Code Building California