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Ze zhou agriculture and commercial firms: the green credit have “light” the PV industry to bright future

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-25 10:41:57

Standing on the hillside vistas, a row of PV panels in unison to prostrate on the town Zezhou high Daquan River Village roof, a block of blue polysilicon plates set in the sun shine, by the end of 2015, some of the villagers and a number of domestic solar backup generator formal power on-grid.

   “The off grid solar system is good, it can generate electricity only need to install on the roof, and we can also sell it to the power company to make money if we have more power.” Party branch secretary of the town Daquan River Village Qin cheerfully told us about the whole village to promote distributed rooftop solar photovoltaic power generation project situation. rooftop PV

   According to Qin said, when the first time they proposed rooftop PV project, they have encountered a problem, each power plant 1 kilowatt need RMB 8000yuan, although their city issued RMB 3000yuan per kilowatt to support incentives, but there are still greater financial burden for the farmers. And it’s a “new thing”, many villagers are worry about there is no investment returns. At the same time, the Zezhou new energy Co., Ltd was forced to stop production because of financial constraints. Fortunately Zezhou Agriculture and Commercial Ban k support it. So the problem have been solved.

   It is reported that, as Jincheng Zezhou Agriculture and Commercial Bank opened the first local restructuring of listed agribusiness bank, heavy responsibilities, the first force to began working to promote the green credit as the adjustment and an important starting point to practice corporate social responsibility, Thoroughly implement the State on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization, work requirements and regulatory requirements for vigorously promoting green credit, attach great importance to green credit, promote green credit business innovation, integrated services to promote green credit, low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly organic into the credit policy and business philosophy.

   When he heard that the company was unable to promote the project installation because of the financial constraints, Ze zhou Agriculture and Commercial leadership in conjunction with relevant departments of local water, land, electricity and other responsible persons are numerous in-depth Zezhou high Sutlej Town Village on promoting family distributed photovoltaic solar generator projects to conduct research, and through on-site inquiry, field inspection etc. to learn more about the difficulties and problems of distributed photovoltaic power generation project implementation.

  When the PV business credit extension again, Zezhou Agriculture and Commercial firm in addition to analysis the situation of the business operator qualification, financing line, external guarantees, but also strictly control the national policy for the PV industry, Adhere to prudent credit management requirements, focus on the operators better quality, business stable, high rate characteristics as collateral considerations, with priority continued support as objects.8 kilowatts solar power

   At the same time, the bank in accordance with the innovation driven, restructuring and development requirement, and actively innovation, to further promote the existing credit products. at the same time, try their best change a single, over-reliance n traditional collateral credit model, by continuously improving its business lines to meet the need of enterprise finance. The bank have go through joint Comicsonair brothers, Messenger conference held to expand the "brainstorming", and according to project duration, production cycle, accounts receivable turnover period to ensure the loan period. Strictly formulated and introduced two new “photovoltaic products loan products, " To regulate long-term loans repayment, according to the cash flow of the project, to repay capital and interest once per half year.

   In order to reassure the villagers, Zezhou government determined to make the big Sutlej village as a pilot villages to advance the overall photovoltaic. and sign a agreement with the energy giant New Energy Co.,Ltd. In addition to Jincheng government subsidies, the company will responsible for all the capital equipment power generation projects.

   When put it to use, 10% of the villagers monthly income will left, the remaining 90% of the proceeds referred to Juneng New Energy Co., Ltd. After 6 years, generation revenue owned by all the villagers.

   Green credit Zezhou agricultural businesses injected together with the local government's favorable policies, so that the photovoltaic installation are step up into the fast lane. It is reported that, as the first embodiment of the whole village Daquan River Village distributed household photovoltaic power generation projects, with a total member of 147 families, in addition to the dilapidated house, 108 qualified systems have now been installed. Depending on the southern slope of housing area, farmers installation of distributed solar backup generator maximum power are 8 kilowatts, the smallest are 5 kilowatts. In addition, they have installed roof solar light board on the committee office buildings, theaters, warehouses and even public toilets. The power up to 110 kilowatts.8 kilowatts solar power station

   solar power generation industry is a national strategic emerging industries. solar PV power generation are clean, safe, convenient and efficient, it’s the focus of the world attention and emerging industries. Our bank will ride on the momentum and actively support the development of PV electricity industry chain, and timely introduce a variety of PV poverty alleviation loans’ products to the borrower’s account to pay for the electricity junction repayment channels, focus on credit conditions and PV power generation capacity, effectively improve the local farmers, agricultural cooperatives electricity supply, to build photovoltaic industry chain, boosting poverty.” Zezhou agricultural firm chairman, party secretary Guo Mingyu talk to the reporters about the future of photovoltaic support credit strategy.

   Currently, Zezhou rational distribution in the field of solar photovoltaic power generation has taken the shape, large Sutlej village in the town, north of the village of Rossi Shop Jin Temple, East Village stone urn willow ports have been successfully installed photovoltaic power generation equipment, while Zezhou Agriculture and Commercial firm will continue to earnestly implement the national and city and county policies for local economic development to provide clean, green energy, boosting the local PV industry by leaps and bounds.

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