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Yangzhong citizen rooftop PV will received 0.72yuan/kWh subsidy

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-02 16:39:29

Recently, reporters have learned that Yangzhong is actively building “near-zero carbon” demonstration area of PV solar power generation family, the families that installed rooftop PV power generation equipment can obtain 0.72  RMB/ kWh subsidy. PV demonstration area- Xinmin community.

 Yangzhong actively build “near-zero carbon” demonstration area

 The construction of “near-zero carbon” demonstration area is a major bright spot in pursue low-carbon development. In the early last year, they proposed to create “green energy island” goals, focus on planning and construction of the roof of distributed off grid solar system, wind power, new energy micro-grids, biomass and other clean energy projects, to create a clean, low carbon, secure, effective high proportion renewable energy production and consumption patterns. Currently, the program has been reported to the National Energy Board.1.1 MW kilowatts  solar power generator system project

  Up to now, the city filed 38 construction roofing PV project, installed capacity of 38.98 MW, 15 companies, 132 city residents have received a financial subsidy. The city take “green energy island” construction as one of the ten livelihood projects in 2016, clearly put forward the construction of the roof of distributed PV 42 MW, the construction of new energy micro grid demonstration projects 1 to 2, operators of new energy bus 40 vehicle "green energy island" development goals.

  Recently, Yangzhong government have complete the high school 1.1 megawatt photovoltaic power plant project on-grid. the estimated annual 1.1 million by photovoltaic degrees, it’s just like the Use of standard coal equivalent to saving approximately 385 tons / year, reducing carbon emissions from 962 tons / year.

PV family can enjoy 0.72  RMB / kWh subsidy

Yangzhong are the pioneer for the establishment of financial funds in the province's county-level city guide, and to subsidies for the solar generator families. Among them, Yangzhong government subsided according to the standard of 0.3yuan/kWh, 6 years for criteria subsidy. the State in accordance with 0.42 RMB / kWh,20 years for criteria subsidy.

Each family usually installed three kilowatts of solar off grid system equipment to meet the daily demand of electricity, The cost of installing the equipment are about 2.4 million yuan , with the annual electricity of 3400 degrees. Yangzhong city government subsidies family for six years, it is estimate that , six years will allowed the installation of photovoltaic power generation family recover installation costs.

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