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World's First Solar Home Car: Only 380kg Weight

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 14:54:00
A surmount in sustainable energy and automotive design enabled an engineering team to make the world's first solar-powered family car. The research team to make the world's first positive energy car. This car produces more energy than it self. In addition, it has enough space to accommodate a family of four. The car, titled "Tesla," is equipped with large solar panels on its top and 250 miles in the absence of sunlight. In the case of full power with solar energy generator, it runs up to 420 miles in sunny days.

The carbon nanotube is 40,000 times thinner than the hair; conductivity is 1000 times that of copper; the hardness is the same as diamond; but the mechanical resistance is 14 times that of Kevlar synthetic fiber. According to local media, the team achieved technical results to the national level, in part to meet international standards. The SPFM (Scanning Polarization Force Microscope) is used to control the picture quality and interval distribution of nano-droplet wetting angle solar arms, and to control the corrosion effect at the micron scale and nano scale. Different carbon nanostructures, ie, graphene structure, concentric multilayer spherical telescoping structure and single - walled carbon nanotubes, were obtained by pulsed laser ablation.

It travels twice as much as a standard electric car that is first charged. The car from the most advanced high-quality aluminum and carbon fiber and other light-weight material frequency isolation inverter manufacturing, weighing only 380 kg, much lighter than the average electric vehicle. "Because the car is parked in front of your home or office for 90% of the time, only 10% of the 12 months of the year," said Rex-Hofslott, who heads the research group and Eindhoven University of Technology. Time, so it produces more energy than it does, and this car produces twice as much energy as when traveling at a normal distance.
solar energy car
The car will soon have a license plate from the Dutch authorities. The research team is convinced that the car will be lighter and more efficient in the future. Solar panels are the future sustainable energy solutions for PV modules characteristic curves. They enhance vehicle performance. Hofslott said: The car is expensive, because it is a prototype, handmade. But in the mass production of such a car, an ordinary family can afford. Roof of the solar power batteries costs only £ 2,600. Our future design will focus on more comfortable, more practical and more energy-efficient features.

Chief Engineer Hofslott said: Solar PV panels for current and voltage energy panels are future sustainable energy solutions. They enhance vehicle performance. This car is expensive because it is a prototype, handmade. But in the mass production of such a car, an ordinary family can afford.
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