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Wind power and solar energy will be the best solution to solve the problem of electricity in Africa

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-01 10:14:29

In recent years, more and more African countries to develop renewable energy sources on the agenda, to make up for their own energy gap. From the satellite to see the night view of the earth, Africa is a lack of electricity supply in the dark continent". This situation is expected to change in the future, the development of new energy in Africa has become a trend. South Africa, Ethiopia, Senegal, Morocco, Kenya and other countries began a series of new energy projects, in order to help their economic development.

In the face of this booming market, international investors believe that the next few years, Africa's energy industry will become one of the most promising investment.

Technological progress has reduced the cost of new energy solar powered generation, which has opened up a broad prospect for the application of new energy sources in Africa.

South Africa's energy ministry announced a new energy development plan in November 22nd. According to this plan, South Africa will further tilt to wind, solar and other renewable energy. This shows that after the 4 round of renewable energy electricity bidding, South Africa will further promote the new energy projects.

At the end of October this year, the West African region is currently the largest solar power station in Senegal's northern border city dagana completed the project design capacity of 20 megawatts of electricity, for 200 thousand people. This plan shows the development of new energy Zhaojun Senegal aspiring. The country plans to promote solar energy in urban and rural areas in the next 5 years, the proportion of renewable energy power generation will be increased to 20%.

According to a report this year, the French Research Institute "Hawass vision", international investors in Africa's energy industry showed a keen interest in the period from 2020 to now that the energy industry is the most attractive investment in africa. The report on 55 international banks and financial institutions survey found that 2/3 investors affirmed the prospects for investment in Africa's energy sector, especially in the new energy field.

The report believes that the international large financial institutions optimistic about the investment in the energy industry in Africa, is due to the initial stage of urbanization in the process of urbanization and Africa, energy is a key area. Connect the power of many countries in Africa's development is a pressing matter of the moment, the 2/3 sub Saharan Africa people without electricity can be used, and the area of hydropower, solar and wind energy is rich enough, can meet the electricity requirements. The report points out that solar energy is the most promising energy solution for Africa in 2020. Africa is joining the global trend of renewable energy. Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco and South Africa have great potential in the development of renewable energy.

Zhao Hui, deputy general manager of the gold wind technology South Africa Company agree with this development trend. He said that the new energy market in Africa has broad prospects for development. He said to the reporter, from the demand point of view, according to the 2015 annual global per capita consumption statistics, developed countries and regions such as Europe's per capita consumption is 7284 degrees, North American countries per capita electricity consumption is 14810 degrees, and the population of people in Africa, the total population of the world 13% of the power consumption is only 584 degrees large electric power.

Zhao Hui said that with the development of new energy industry matures, technological progress in developed countries to promote the new energy field, effectively reducing the cost of electricity and new energy, new energy compared to the traditional energy competitiveness is increasing, which provides a good guarantee for the development of new energy cost in the African market.

energy power generation

"Made in China" has become a strong competitor to the new energy market in Africa, contributing to the local power shortage.

More and more Chinese enterprises to enter the new energy market in Africa, to bring clean energy for africa.

On the hillside in the suburbs of Adama, Ethiopia, a large number of large wind turbines are erected. This is the construction of China Electric Power Construction Group and China Overseas Construction Group Adama two wind power projects, with 102 typhoons, 1.5 MW per station, the total installed capacity of 153 MW, is the country's third wind power base. Adama wind power projects to achieve China's wind power technology, standards, management, equipment, as a whole, going out, led to the transfer of China's wind power manufacturing capacity, while easing the problem of local power battery generator shortage.

The Cape plateau vast land in South Africa, where a "China manufacturing" wind power generating units. Deputy general manager of Chinese Longyuan South Africa renewable energy Co., Suchen said to the reporter, Longyuan Power in 2009 will enter the new energy market in africa. In August 2013, the electric power in the win with many international well-known power enterprises in the competition, winning South Africa de one, two wind power project, the total installed capacity of 245 thousand kilowatts.

Germany a wind power project will be installed 1.5 "made in China" 163 MW wind turbines, the project will be completed after the completion of China's wind power project development and wind power equipment independently made the joint". The project has been started construction in October 2015, is expected to generate electricity by the end of October 2017.

South Africa is one of the best countries on the basis of the development of wind power in Africa, has a huge wind power development plan. Ethiopia, Kenya and other countries have similar wind power development plans and projects, wind power has become a huge potential for the development of new energy in Africa options. Chinese enterprises are a strong competitor in this market. Zhao Hui said, Jin Feng technology companies from 2009 onwards on the African market for business development, for the Ethiopia Adama wind power project provides 34 units. At the same time, gold wind in multiple round South Africa Africa new energy project bidding, and in 2015 in the Eastern Cape Province and Western Cape Province, the two new energy projects, the project is expected to start construction in November this year, completed in 2018.

Zhao Hui said that in the past more than and 10 years, Chinese new energy market has been booming, which makes China wind power enterprises to obtain the very good exercise in the fierce market competition situation, enhance competitiveness, the competitiveness is not only reflected in the technical aspects, but also reflected in the perfect service system. China made the units in different environmental conditions showed a very good adaptability.

In the face of huge power demand, wind power and solar energy will be the best solution to solve the problem of electricity consumption.

African Development Bank President Adeshina said the lack of power has hindered the process of industrialization in Africa, the African renewable energy program, can achieve a low carbon development, also can maintain the high speed of economic growth in africa. Last year the Paris climate change conference, African countries put forward the "Africa renewable energy project, plans to 2030 built 300 billion kilowatts of installed capacity of renewable energy to meet the energy demand, half of the continent.

Su Chen said that at present the whole world of new energy development mainly by wind and solar power, wind power and solar energy with much land and few people in Africa, rich in resources, suitable for the development of new energy projects. Africa power gap is larger, there are still hundreds of millions of people do not use electricity, electricity demand will continue to rise with the local economic development trend.

In the face of huge power demand, the development of wind power and solar power will be the best solution to solve the problem of electricity consumption in Africa. Su Chen said that Egypt, Madagascar, Sultan, Kenya, Chad and other countries have a very rich onshore wind resources. Madagascar, in particular, has 4 times the annual average annual energy consumption. And Mozambique, Tanzania, Angola, South Africa and Namibia and other countries to develop the potential of offshore wind power is also very huge.

However, the new energy investment in Africa, due to the larger market differences, some of the risks and challenges can not be ignored. Zhao Hui believes that investors or financial institutions on the new energy projects in Africa showed a positive willingness to be obvious, but also to promote the development of the region's clean energy core strength. But African countries can develop a durable, effective, clear policy, as well as a stable political and economic environment is the primary challenge.

Some analysis, most of the African countries belong to developing countries, weak economic foundation, small solar backup generator demand. At the same time, part of the country's political situation is not stable, the subsequent performance of the contract and the protection of the existence of risk. In addition, the lack of professional and technical personnel, but also affect the construction of the project and the late operation and maintenance.

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