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Wind Power And Photovoltaic Industry For Energy Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-06 12:18:51
energy storageThe future of energy storage batteries should be in the wind power and photovoltaic industry, especially in the wind power industry has a large number of layout-based. Wind power is unstable, in addition, large wind power is low power consumption at midnight, therefore, although in recent years the wind, photovoltaic solar powered portable generator industry, the rapid development momentum, but has been suffering from "grid" two problems, energy storage technology Of the application, can help the wind farm output smooth and 'peak fill valley'.

"Many experts predict that 2017 will be the first year of energy Internet development, the relevant state departments also proposed to strengthen the energy Internet demonstration and pilot work.Energy Internet will be a variety of renewable energy interconnection, optimal scheduling, you can better with the client .2020, China's renewable energy accounted for more than 20%, if there is no energy Internet, it is difficult to match so many renewable energy, therefore, the 'ten', so that the energy of the Internet, Three five 'period to do a good job of theoretical research and demonstration of energy Internet applications. "China State Department Counselor Shi Dinghuan in the October 31 Zhongguancun Energy Internet Experts Union, the inaugural meeting, said.

"The traditional power system through the power generation, transmission and distribution to provide users with energy, its essence is the primary energy storage, secondary energy control, to ensure that the demand side of the balance between supply and demand.In short, is to control the power to adjust not The future power system will be a new energy accounted for a higher power system.Is reflected in the power generation side, large-scale wind power, photovoltaic integration.In the electricity side to distributed power and electric vehicles, represented by the demand The future side of the power system and power side of the uncertainty of the power side of the face of bilateral uncertainty, the need for energy Internet approach to resolve. "Zhongguancun Energy Internet Association of Experts , Technical director of the committee, North China Electric Power University associate professor Liu Dunan said.

The mechanism of energy Internet is more horizontal to complement each other, vertical source, network, charge, storage coordination. Energy Internet is to establish the top of the energy dispatch system, but there are still technical problems, and more can be transformed between the Internet, information collection, integrated energy supplier issues need to be resolved. "In fact, to do a good job of energy Internet, the need for cross-cutting integration of a number of portable solar power generator areas, involving electrical, oil and gas, transportation, information and communication, economic and financial, etc. At present, the industry's key technical aspects of energy Internet has two views. Point of view tend to energy The Internet is a variety of energy interconnection, this view under the energy Internet key technologies mainly for the multi-energy network coupling, including equipment-level technology, system-level technology, market mechanism and operating mode and other issues. The viewpoints of energy and information interconnection.This point of view the key issues of energy Internet technology can be attributed to the open environment of information and energy coupling, including energy information fusion, system security and stability. "Tsinghua University, Institute of Energy Internet Innovation Yang Super-representation.

According to him, Tsinghua University Institute of Energy Internet Innovation on these technologies are summarized, that the key technologies of energy Internet, including several, one more energy to the coordination of energy Internet operation and control technology, the second is the electric vehicle and energy storage technology, Energy Internet energy trading system and operation and management technology, the fourth is the application of advanced Internet technology in the energy system, the fifth is the standard and policy research. The future, around these key technologies to carry out research, will promote the energy of the Internet floor.
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