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Will the Development and Reform Commission purchase all distributed off grid solar system power?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-24 18:07:11

Will the Development and Reform Commission purchase all distributed off grid solar power generator?

Full acquisition of powerdistributed off grid solar power generator

Full protection purchase for renewable energy power refers to the power grid enterprises(including power dispatching agencies) determined in accordance with national benchmark price of the Internet and the protection of the acquisition utilization hours, with the market competition mechanism, through the implementation of priority power generation system, o ensure security of supply under the premise of full acquisition planning within the scope of renewable energy power generation projects of grid electricity.

National Development and Reform Commission recently issued an "approach" applies to wind power, solar power, biomass power, geothermal power, ocean energy power generation and other non-hydro renewable energy, hydropower implementation. This means that the full protection of the acquisition applies not only the “three abandoned”, that’s the abandoned of wind, light and water, and it will apply to the renewable energy sources areas biological intelligence generation, geothermal power, ocean power generation etc.

In addition, the “approach” also have enjoy a priority renewable energy grid, power scheduling a series of conditions. Including: renewable energy projects must be in line with the national planning, administrative license, after filing and meet the standard of on-grid. And the distributed off grid solar system project are not suitable for the competition in the market, by the full acquisition of grid electricity grid companies. The above “measures” there are more substantial adjustments compared to the previous draft, but the policy for distributed solar backup generator acquisition have been retained.

solve the abandoned light problem

in Secretary-General of China Wind Energy Association Qin Haiyan’s opinion, “measures” biggest motivation is to solve the current problem of abandoned light. The National Energy Board website data shows that in 2015, China cumulative PV installed capacity of 43.18 million kilowatts, becoming the largest country in the global PV power generation capacity. Some of them appeared more serious in Northwest abandoned light phenomenon, Gansu annual average utilization hours are 1061 hours, light rate of 31% abandoned; Xinjiang annual average utilization hours are 1042 hours, light rate of 26% abandoned.

Director of China Energy Economic Research Center of Xiamen University Lin Boqiang think, it the problem for abandoned the light cannot be solved quickly, the PV power development will be weakened, declining development costs will become a luxury. “Large-scale centralized PV field is far away from the market, the frequent limited of time have caused the instable of power supply, high costs of operating the grid. Distributed PV power plant have low access requirements, small impact on the grid, and it’s closed to the market, so we can ensure the full acquisition” Lin boqiang said.

   It is understood that the requirements of distributed generation projects is 35 kV and below voltage connected to the grid (Northeast Region 66 kV and below), a single project capacity not more than 20,000 kilowatts, it advocates the nearest electricity, on-grid, conversion, and using principle of proximity, not only effectively improve the power output of PV plants of the same size, but also effectively solve the problem of power loss in the step –up and long-distance transportation. According to it’s data, in European countries, distributed power plants accounting for more than 70%, while in China, only 16% of distributed generation, a huge space for development.The feature of distributed off grid solar power generator

Generating capacity is fully acquisition, which s undoubtedly good for business investment in PV power genertion, in Xing Zhou general manager of Yingli Solar Power Investment Group's view, the “measure” shows that China will continue to vigorously develop renewable energy generation business, in particular to encourage the construction of distributed photovoltaic power plants. “measure” have enhanced investor’s confidence in distributed PV power generation projects, especially the owners of investment confidence for roof will greatly increase.” Xing Zhou said. “roof owners worried about their investment in building a distributed photovoltaic power plants before, if the grid is not a full acquisition, earnings can not be guaranteed."  When “measures” came out, after the introduction of distributed PV power plant is full acquisition, the owners have a stable income, their enthusiasm will increase, and thus broaden the investment channels solar electric generator. "

   But in Lin Boqiang’s view although the introduction of the "measures" for photovoltaic power plants and distributed enterprise is good, but the biggest reason for the abandon such a serious light problem is the lack of demand for electricity, renewable energy surplus. To fundamentally solve the problem of abandoned light, we need to strive to improve the social demand for electricity.

   Xing Zhou also said that for now, the characteristics of distributed PV power plants, power plants have been built to ensure the timely and networks, so that the effect of policies for some enterprises are of little use. In addition, investment funds and other institutional investors on the roof of distributed PV power plant is also of little interest. They worry that the plant distributed PV power plant in their place where poor management, plant removal, power plants can not recover the investment.

   Another expert pointed out that there maybe some resistance from local government, particularly those with a large number of thermal power and local renewable energy installed capacity, in the background of economic slowdown, how to balance the interests of traditional and renewable energy power generation enterprises with traditional energy generation companies will be placed in front of the local government.

   “Therefore, the “measure” positive significance should not be underestimate. but to expect a" measure "to solve all the problems of renewable energy power solar generation enterprises is unrealistic. As for the actual effect, that remains to see.” The experts said.

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