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Why Battery Nend Floating Charge ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 18:04:30
Floating charge is a continuous, long-term constant voltage charging method. Float charging voltage slightly higher than the trickle charge, enough to compensate for the loss of self-discharge of the battery and the battery can be quickly restored to make nearly fully charged state after the battery discharge. The battery can be used in portable solar power generator. Also known as continuous charging. This charging method is mainly used in telephone switching stations, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and a variety of backup power. In order to balance the loss of capacity caused by self-discharge of the battery, the battery needs to be a continuous, constant voltage charge for a long time. This charging mode is float charging, also known as floating charge, continuous charging.
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Float charging current is constant, one purpose of preventing the battery self-discharge, the second is to increase the depth of charge. Floating charge refers to a fully charged lifepo4 battery pack and the charging device in parallel, floating charge mainly constant load by the charging device supplied batteries usually do not supply charging equipment with little current to supplement the battery self-discharge, as well as due to load short-circuit when a small amount caused by a sudden increase of the discharge. When the battery is fully charged, the charger does not stop charging, will provide a constant float voltage and low float current supplied to the battery, because once the charger stop charging, the battery will naturally release energy, so the use of float way to balance this natural discharge.

With longer battery placement, the battery power will gradually decrease, which is due to the battery self-discharge characteristics caused. To balance this self-discharge of the battery capacity loss caused by the need for a battery to be a continuous, long-term constant voltage charging. This charging mode is the floating charge. In the floating charge mode, even when the battery is fully charged, the charging module will not stop charging, will provide a constant float voltage and battery low float current supply.

In the communication power supply during routine operation, the battery pack and the charging modules in parallel operation, the mains is normal, their voltage is substantially constant, only slightly higher than the open circuit voltage of the battery pack, a small amount of current supplied by the charging module to compensate battery self-discharge loss caused, so that it can keep the filled state without overcharging. Thus, the lifepo4 batteries may vary depending on the power line voltage fluctuations and charging and discharging. When the load is light and the high voltage power line, the battery that is charged when the load is heavy or mains unexpected interruption, the battery is discharged, share some or all of the load. Thus, the battery will play the role of regulator, and is on standby.
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Communication power of the battery pack is generally used as an ordinary lead-acid batteries, lead-acid battery float voltage and battery chosen electrolyte concentration have a certain relationship. Usually find batteries purchased from the battery float voltage parameters of the Prospectus.
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