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Why LifePo4 Batteries Is Best Storage For Solar Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 14:38:19
In bio-chemical fuel cells, living organic matter can be used as a fuel source to generate electricity directly. Air is injected into the cathode as an oxidant and a living organism is injected into the anode as a fuel, and the biocide is used as a catalyst for fuel oxidation. Solution or aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide, etc. Bacteria cause new losses due to consumption of about half of the fuel. The supply of electricity is necessary because the bacteria need nutrients, and the output power of the biofuel cell is directly proportional to the rate of bacterial metabolism. This rate can be quite high, which makes the performance of biochemical cells very similar to the performance of conventional lifePo4 battery pack for portable solar power generator.

In conclusion, from the above discussion, it can be seen that solar energy is theoretically feasible in terms of mechanical energy storage, thermal energy storage, electrical energy storage, chemical energy storage and biomass energy storage, for example, poor stability, strong corrosivity, Higher, mainly in the laboratory test phase, only a small number of demonstration devices put into practical operation, is currently on a variety of possible applications of materials and reactions to conduct systematic research and as much as possible to be screened.

From the thermal storage of solar energy for solar power generation, the current sensible heat storage technology is relatively perfect, such as water storage and rock heap and bed storage, have been in the solar heating and air conditioning systems have been widely used + latent heat storage Short-term storage has also been the initial application, and great potential for development, but there are still some technical difficulties, such as hydrated salts of the name of cold, crystallization and separation of aging, paraffin mechanical strength difference, the specific volume change and thermal conductivity Etc. Although various approaches to overcome have been proposed and individual latent heat storage materials are already available for sale, the above-mentioned issues have not been adequately and thoroughly addressed, and there is a definite A gap, as for the reversible chemical reaction heat storage, the technical difficulties are more difficult to solve more,
LifePo4 solar storage battery
From the electrical storage of solar power generation, either solar energy directly or indirectly converted to electrical energy, are in one of the following three ways as the main means of storage, the use of capacitors can be high voltage low current long way to store large amounts of electricity, the stored The total energy is the volume of the dielectric in the capacitor, e is the dielectric constant A is the electric field strength - the electric field strength is limited by the breakdown strength of the dielectric, so the total energy stored in the dielectric is limited. The maximum energy that can be stored per unit volume * As can be seen from the numbers in the table, the best medium currently available.

In fact, since the conductivity of any dielectric will not be zero, there is always a certain amount of leakage loss.For the time being * the use of lifePo4 batteries storage capacitor energy time if not more than 12 hours is more economical, but large-scale and Long-term storage is very uneconomical. TAG: Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box Passenger NTPC Containerized Off-Grid Code Building California