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Why Chinese Car Favor LiFePO4 Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-25 16:45:19

China's new energy vehicles, the development of lithium-ion battery has been the direction of controversy - lithium manganese, lithium triclosan, lithium iron phosphate dispute has not subsided. But why the current mainstream of new energy vehicles are basically the use of iron phosphate lithium iron batteries, careful analysis of the reasons there are three.

First, the development of new energy vehicles in China, must ensure the use of safe, reliable, stable performance and low cost power battery. Among them, the safety and reliability is the first, there is no security will not have the future of new energy automotive industry; Tesla lithium batteries used in the best Panasonic Panasonic batteries, but also can not avoid three times within five weeks of fire. Fortunately, Tesla advanced vehicle safety design did not lead to personal injury and death, and the Chinese new energy vehicles in the vehicle safety design, there are several to achieve the level of Tesla? The LiFePO4 battery has a congenital advantage in security.

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Second, at present, the lithium manganese oxide and ternary lithium core technology, are in the hands of enterprises in Japan and South Korea. In particular, ternary lithium, whether it is technology, process or equipment, Japan and South Korea have reached a very mature industry leading stable phase.


If we insist on the new energy vehicles, three-cell power line, I am afraid we are still chasing the road, it has been stifled by the international giants, but no way to talk about what corner overtaking. Lithium iron phosphate battery is different.


Japan and South Korea did not get involved in basic business, the main international competitors from the United States. But China and the United States of America or less technical level, with the Wanxiang Group acquired A123, in fact, Chinese enterprises have mastered the world's most high-end lithium iron phosphate battery technology and technology. Besides, our solar powered portable generator also can use the lifepo4 batteries. As long as the increase in investment in curing the advantages of new energy vehicles in China is completely overturned on the possibility of overtaking.


Third, at present, the global nickel, cobalt resource constraints, ternary lithium material formula, whether it is nickel-cobalt manganese oxide lithium, or nickel cobalt lithium aluminate, are inseparable from the two precious metals.


Its large number of applications will lead to skyrocketing market prices, the two metals are scarce in China, more than 90% of China's cobalt use needs to be imported, these two precious metals have international futures trading, the price is not only high and volatile.


China's new energy vehicles to promote the policy did not meet the expected objectives of a large reason is that prices remain high. Among them, the most important reason is that the cost of new energy vehicles accounted for nearly 50% of the power lithium battery prices remain high. The lifepo4 batteries price is cheaper a lot, and it can be used in solar power generator.


The result of the triad route is that the price of new energy vehicles is higher and the government subsidy is required to be more, and it will never be able to achieve market promotion.

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