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Who will lead the localization of aluminum film

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-21 16:24:08

With the growing demand for flexible battery, aluminum plastic film as the industry chain in the highest key link, the demand continues to strengthen, the future localization is imperative.


The promotion of new energy vehicles, gave birth to many advanced technology development. Today, we focus on talking soft battery.


In recent years, domestic, such as Dongfeng, Zotye, Beiqi new energy, BYD and other mainstream electric car enterprises have also started trying to pack power battery, the main suppliers are ATL, Fluoride, micro-macro power, China Aviation lithium, New energy, Shandong Hengyu, Suzhou-volume, and many other enterprises have begun to vigorously vote to build soft-pack power battery production line. Can be seen, soft battery in the industry increasingly favored.


With the 3C, new energy vehicles, energy storage and other downstream market pull, such as solar powered portable generator, and its application prospects are very broad. The battery has a wide range of advantages, such as high performance, low power consumption.


Why is it called "soft package"? Square and cylindrical lithium-ion battery shell mainly aluminum, stainless steel and other hard shell, while the soft bag is made of aluminum-plastic film to the shell. It goes without saying that aluminum-plastic film is one of the key components of the soft battery.


At present, the global aluminum-plastic film market has been dominated by a small number of Japanese companies, of which Japan's DNP and Showa Denko has occupied about 75% of the global market share, while Japan T & T, Korea Li Cun chemical production capacity is gradually released, its market share Promotion.


After many years of accumulation, the domestic enterprise technology matures, has begun to enter the aluminum-plastic film production, but the localization rate is still less than 10%.


We believe that the domestic lithium battery manufacturers are facing enormous cost pressures, the urgent need to reduce the cost of lithium battery raw materials, aluminum plastic film to achieve import substitution, localization of the growing demand, such as produce lifepo4 batteries.


At this point, we can not help but want the aluminum foil and the recent market attention more copper (lithium-ion battery anode material carrier) for a comparison.

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