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What kind of photovoltaic power generation system is distributed?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-18 11:22:33

Definition of distributed PV


The use of the building roof and ancillary site construction of distributed solar power generator project, the project can be selected for the time of spontaneous self use, over the Internet, or the full Internet in a model. It advocates the nearest power grid, nearby, the nearest nearest conversion, using the principle of not only can effectively improve the power output of photovoltaic power plants of similar size, but also effectively solves the problem of power loss in the boost and long-distance transport in.


On the ground or the use of agricultural greenhouses and other facilities without electricity consumption to 35 thousand volts and below voltage grid (northeast 66 thousand volts and below), the capacity of a single project not more than 20 thousand kilowatts of power generation and the main change in the radio area and outlets consumptive photovoltaic power plant project, included in the index scale distributed PV power management.

 solar pv

Two, the characteristics of distributed photovoltaic


Feature one: located in the vicinity of the user.

Features two: 10kV and the following access; fishing light complementary / agricultural light complementary to 35kV (66kV) and the following access.


Three features: access to distribution network and local consumption.


Feature four: single point capacity is not more than 6MW (multi point access to the maximum quasi); fishing light complementary / agricultural light complementary single point access capacity is not more than 20MW.

The current distributed PV system generally refers to the grid connected system, which does not include the off grid system. Distributed power generation can be self occupied, more than electricity access, can also purchase and sale (sell full power).

Four, which location is suitable for the installation of distributed PV systems?

Commercial buildings: the effect and role of Industrial Park, the difference lies in the commercial buildings for cement roof, more favorable and installation of photovoltaic array, but often have the aesthetic requirements of the building, in accordance with the characteristics of commercial buildings, office buildings, hotels, conference centers, resorts and other services, the user load characteristics generally showed higher in daytime. The night is low, can better match the solar backup generator characteristics.

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Agricultural facilities: there are a large number of usable roof in rural areas, including its own residential, vegetable greenhouses, fish ponds, often in the rural public power grid is not a little, poor power quality in the rural areas, the construction of distributed photovoltaic system can improve the security of electricity and power quality.

Municipal Public Buildings: the unified management standard, user load and business behavior is relatively reliable, installation of high enthusiasm, municipal and other public buildings for the construction of distributed solar generator concentrated.

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