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What is the impact of Trump's election on Chinese corporate investment?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-15 11:49:06

Trump's American president's dream has just begun, the energy has begun to guess the next energy policy.

It can be predicted that the mainland resources company (Resources Continental) CEO Harold Ham (Hamm Harold) will serve as the U.S. Secretary of energy. If implemented, this will mean that there will be the first in the history of the United States by the oil and gas industry boss directly as the Minister of energy.


In the general election, the support of Trump's state and the United States oil and gas resource distribution basically consistent, which can be described as the connotation of extreme fear".


After Trump was elected, the Chinese enterprises in the United States, the traditional energy, new energy investment have any effect?" Friends circle of energy for you, who support each one airs his own views,?


"Tend to trump traditional energy, including coal, oil and natural gas, the industry will receive support and yield; the market for crude oil, or there may be good in the United States oil service companies, but the impact on the global energy supply surplus in the background is unclear. For the natural gas market, Chuan Pu or will increase the U.S. natural gas exports, or will be good for China's domestic LNG traders (import and export of gas spread)."


"First good liquefied petroleum gas (LNG) market, the United States increased production, the Middle East natural gas resources more to the Asian tilt. I think trump was elected in favor of Chinese energy, oil and gas supply an external market to continue easing, on the other hand, new energy, high-end export tightening, promote domestic solar power generator, wind power manufacturing industry to the survival of the fittest, cultivating the market, also may turn to export to Southeast Asia and other emerging markets."


"The United States election, the river is not to leave. Energy is lagging behind, no pressure to dilute, the main energy may become a common topic. New energy is the global trend. Our ultimate exchange is also a source of energy. Wind power, hydropower, coal, photovoltaic power generation is obtained from the existing materials on earth, because of nuclear safety and nuclear waste pollution can not achieve greater progress, but does not mean that there is no progress, if China's "little sun" the success of the experiment, the nuclear clean energy utilization by leaps and bounds."


"Trump came to power, the new energy in the new energy industry, emerging market countries will be affected. Who can integrate innovation, improve the performance of photovoltaic panels and fans, improve the project investment yield, who will be able to achieve beyond."


"New energy and traditional energy in the final analysis is to see whether there is economic returns. To promote the business is much more than the policy impetus, more durable. Now the solar backup generator in many countries have achieved parity internet. Continued technological progress to reduce the cost of electricity, in fact, no big impact."


"Between oil and gas and new energy, is not so simple and crude seesaw relationship, because oil or gas and new energy can not completely substitute relationship between oil is behind a huge industrial system, involving a large amount of oil derivatives, is not to say that oil and gas good, new energy is bad. But the election politics and ruling politics can not be confused, because his performances are mainly composed of Trump and his main business is a businessman, the president is his avocation."


"Not exactly for the show, Obama is also a lot of campaign promises, but at this stage can not see the specific measures of trump, but he for the domestic coal industry, and power is sure to pull one."


"It's not the energy problem, but the problem of employment, carbon emissions would accelerate as trump 4 years in power, oil can be mined for 50 years, not because the Trump came into effect 40 years, only the two industry employment."

For Trump in the future may be the implementation of energy policy, experts are how to look at it?


"Merchant born president elect Barack Trump needs to recognize that increasing investment in clean energy can create jobs and promote innovation. The new government should also be aware that climate action is the core component of American foreign policy. The United States has made a commitment to the Paris agreement to promote the implementation of the Paris agreement will be conducive to maintaining the credibility of the United States in the world."


"No longer the climate of cooperation, take the" Paris agreement "that are no longer is the key, but there may be based on real money interests, energy cooperation in environmental protection to open up new cooperation highlights. After he took office, in clean energy, energy security, energy trade, technology research and development is still likely to make a difference."


"America's big energy policy such as solar generator, there may be a lot of changes. In the past the United States in some areas of emission reduction and new energy, those who look "the first eight virtual brain 'support and policy, may cut; can bring real benefits to the industry will get attention, the traditional energy development limited to the bound may be reduced. U.S. participation in the Asia Pacific, Europe and other regions to weaken, instead more emphasis on the U.S. own economic development, may be conducive to the implementation and implementation of the strategy along the way."


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