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What does the Local Companies do when Foreign Enterprises have Obvious Advantages

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-17 16:35:50

Foreign Enterprises have Obvious Advantages, What does the Local Companies do

The arrival of Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Bosch and other major foreign battery manufacturers, the reason for domestic battery so "nervous" because they are aware of the advantages of these giants, which is LG, Panasonic and other battery manufacturers able to attract many car Cause vendors, it also attract solar powered portable generator factories. small solar protable generator systemThe consistency, cycle life, etc of battery, and therefore more attractive to a large downstream OEMs. With LG Chem, for example, it is not only Ford, a large public, Audi, Nissan and other auto giants suppliers, including Great Wall Motor, Chang'an Automobile, Chery Automobile, SAIC and other domestic auto manufacturers have been in the bag.

Also mentioned before, since it is a security risk can be addressed, then the "electric bus off three ternary lithium battery" This move is hard not to think: this one seems to have the protection of local enterprises, "selfish", whereby suppress foreign lithium battery company. After all, if the limit three ternary lithium battery applications in commercial vehicles, the biggest beneficiaries will be the main domestic LiFePO4 battery pack production enterprises of. (South Korea, represented by foreign companies hit three ternary lithium battery and take the low road)

In this regard, the Korean government sit on ROK Minister of Commerce meeting to be held in the near future, China will change buses three ternary lithium subsidies challenged, I do not know when the results of the negotiations will be. Policy is crucial for industrial development, now, if you want better battery industry development depends largely dependent on government support and subsidies.

In fact, the technical route itself is neither good nor bad. As technology advances, three ternary batteries will be more secure, and the energy density of LiFePO4 battery pack will be gradually enhanced. Currently, the industry is facing the biggest problem is not the safety of different materials were discussed, but should focus on the more important cell design, corporate governance as well as industrial scale, enhance product strength.

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