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What can Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Do For Us?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-07 18:46:39

The sun not only gives the human warmth, but also provides energy for human beings. Solar energy is a kind of environmental protection, no pollution, renewable and clean energy, has been widely used in our life, such as solar water heater, solar power batteries, solar water heating is used for the swimming pool.

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Recently, the solar application has a new development. According to Broadcasting British Corporation reports, solar powered aircraft to take off in the United States, Hawaii, after three days of flight landed in California, the success of the East pacific.


A total of 17 thousand photovoltaic cells on the body of the sun power, all powered by solar energy. These batteries provide power during the day, and at night they charge the aircraft engines. This flight is the latest in a solar powered aircraft to fly around the earth, and is the most dangerous one, because of the lack of emergency landing sites on the way. Pilot Bertrand Picat predicted that after 50 years, the electric aircraft will be 50 people can be carried".


Prior to this, the full use of solar energy has become the reality of the use of solar energy. New Zealand in the South Pacific territory of Tokelau is the world's first solar energy supply from all human habitat. In the local coral reef coast installed in the last batch of solar panels has beenenabled, and Tokelau total installed more than 40 thousand solar panels in solar power generator, the supply of 1500 residents on the islands.


Coincidentally, many enterprises also aimed at the application of solar energy, have invested in the development of solar energy. Switzerland and Germany, a joint venture company announced Tuesday, has invested $2 billion in the development of solar energy technology Oman.

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Investors plan to build 400 megawatts of solar backup generator system, as well as the production of solar panels factory supply Oman and export markets. According to "the Wall Street journal" reported that the roof solar panels and chairman of Tesla and sun city's high-end electric car manufacturing and musk hope as cool.


To merge the two companies he proposed, how will bring a solar panel, wall mounted battery and electric vehicle integrated system, a general outline of musk vision. He said the company's goal is to create more attractive than the normal roof of the solar roof, able to generate electricity, longer life, better insulation effect, and installation costs less than the normal roof and electricity costs.


Today, the world is to promote the energy revolution, clean energy and environmental areas of technological innovation will become a hot topic of human exploration.

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