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What are the four stages of the distributed PV power plants?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-20 23:15:08

As an application of distributed photovoltaic systems facilities, the life cycle can be reach to at least 25 years. And we can be divided into four production phases: feasibility analysis phase, design and construction, and network and the operational phase, maintenance phase. Each stage focus on how to efficient operations, we have sorting out some of the following considerations and suggestions for you:

Firstly, the feasibility analysis stagesolar powered  generator system

 Investment and construction of solar power generator, The first consideration is the local light resources, because light resource rich or poor has determined the power stations, at last it will affect investment. Most regions in China are distributed photovoltaic installation, but in order to place consumptive, reduce electricity transport, usually installed in industrial plants, commercial buildings, agricultural facilities, municipal and other public buildings, agricultural and pastoral areas and outlying island regions. For distributed PV rooftop installation projects, we also need to focus on roof load (Year of construction of houses, housing structure, housing the effective use of space, roof orientation and azimuth, tilt angle, shelter, local pressure, topography) , the strength of electrical cable interference, noise (<65dB), insulation, lightning, fire, mistakenly hit the set, electricity billing, distribution of subsidies, rent roof property, facilities management and other legal risks.

Secondly, Design and construction phases

According to different circumstances in building owners and installation requirements, we can design the most suitable distributed PV solutions, maximize investment interests. For the already built building, you can choose to install an additional type of small solar backup generator on the roof; If it is the top end of the building, or if you want to transform the roof of the building, you can consider the use of building materials and photovoltaic products, and to achieve the combination of architecture and photovoltaic. so that the building will more beautiful. For the former, it saved the investment for the traditional building materials; if roof positive towards sun, you can give priority to crystalline silicon PV products. And if the roof south part is limited and owner want to increase the use area. Except for the roof, awning on the balcony, the ground is also shed viable form. In terms of construction, just according to the PV industry standard construction, to make sure the cabling specifications,  reasonable layout.

Thirdly, on-grid and operational phases

When installation is complete, the owner can apply for on-grid in the power operating organization, the power company will arrange someone to install the meter, sign contract with the network user, and to make on-grid debug. The power companies will install two meters for owners for free, it is a measurement of photovoltaic electricity meters, and the other is a two-way meter measurement, namely the owners own electricity and sell electricity metering meter grid. So owners can see their real-time electricity consumption per day, power generation and transmission of electricity to the grid situation. Further, the government granted subsidies for PV, power companies will be paid directly to the household income from electricity sales and all levels of government subsidies.” "From the on-grid application debugging, install metering devices, all the services provided by these utilities are free." Senior people said.

At last, the use and maintenance stage

In the long term use of distribute solar power generator plant, it’s almost maintenance free. But in the operation, with time passing by , it will gradually reduce the system efficiency and reduce power generation. The owner may take some measures to improve the efficiency of the power generation station. The routine maintenance measures are as follows: check whether there are appearance defects on the components or not, such as breakage, occlusion, wire corrosion; a focus on clean solar power generation system, reducing assembly time cleaning dust obscured shall use a soft cloth for cleaning, strengthen equipment management to reduce the failure rate, based on a reasonable replacement parts and other equipment aging period.

Distribute solar electric generator is a investment in long-term benefits of the project, how to ensure the efficient operation of the power station for at least 25 years time? During use time, we need to consider all the details, the power generation efficiency can maximize the use of solar energy resources. After retiring in PV power plants and portable solar power generator, we should looked from an environment perspective, classify disposal station facilities, and to consult with a qualified business recycling waste components, etc. always practice the concept of “green, low carbon”.

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