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What Surprise Solar Market Can Give Us ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:57:04
Continue to Reduce Costs

Ten years, the cost per waham we installed solar photovoltaic power plant from the initial ten dollars, down a dollar today, costs tenfold. Life cycle of solar powered portable generator also extend to thirty years. There are reports that the production of photovoltaic modules will consume a lot of energy. Here, I want to say is that the battery pack products in its production process does consume some energy, but the battery pack in its three decades of service life can continue to produce energy. It is estimated that in our country the average sunlight conditions, photovoltaic power generation system energy return during the whole life of its energy consumption more than fifteen times over. Typically, photovoltaic power system two years ago issued its production enough to offset the energy consumption process, after twenty years time, "carbon-free" system issued are pure power output.

Portable Solar Power Generator System
Ten years ago, the global PV installed about three or four GW. Today, ten years later, the 2016 global solar PV installed capacity will more than sixty GW. Canadian history, it is also a microcosm of the entire industry and witness. As early as 2002, we have developed the company's first product - Audi three-watt solar car charger, then it produced a total of two hundred thousand units with a total capacity of about 700 kilowatts like lifepo4 battery. As the company continued growth and development, our main production is 320 watt solar module products, each year around the component shipments of about 5.4-5.5 GW. A short period of fifteen years, an increase of 8000 times more.

Applications Continue to Spread

In the past, in people's minds, the solar energy is a luxury product, and only for the equatorial Pacific countries, as Canada does not fit in the other Nordic countries. But in fact, we just total installed capacity of solar energy in Ontario, Canada, it has been more than two gigawatts. We also feel incredible, Artes solar module products because of its superior low-light performance, applied to Arctic research station to be installed. I believe that the next decade, solar energy will bring us once again in terms of cost, size and technical aspects of surprises. We have every reason to believe that in the near future, the cost of photovoltaic power generation system will be decreased by 30%. If costs continue to decline by 50%, then the cost of solar power competitive with fossil fuel power generation cost any, will face new global energy landscape changes, "game rules" will reshape. PV industry is in a period of rapid growth, we predict that the next ten years, every year, a whopping 100 GW of new capacity. But who can imagine? Perhaps to 2025, and then look back, we will be surprised at the annual industry actually maintains the 200 GW of newly installed capacity.

Energy storage technologies and smart micro-grid control technologies also give us a surprise! With the reduced cost of solar power, more and more communities and residents began to self-built photovoltaic power generation system to achieve self-sufficiency in power. Generation during peak periods, we need to take into account the intermittent PV, we need to send to the electric power storage and control. In this regard, the industry has a large number of technical and professional approach to solve.

The perfect combination of solar energy and electric vehicles. Solar electric vehicles rely on solar energy to drive the car. Compared to conventional heat engines powered cars, solar cars are true zero emission. Because of its environmental characteristics portable solar power generator, the solar car was advocated by many countries. Solar electric cars can drive to work on it. Only during the day, during peak periods of solar power, the car is charged. This reflects a natural transition load, but also the perfect way to store solar energy.

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