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Water Ion Battery: A New Path of Battery Technology Development

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-14 14:51:53
With the development of smart grid and energy storage batteries market share of the constant refresh of large secondary energy storage technology put forward more requirements. According to McKinsey predicts that by 2025 the global electricity energy storage market will be greater than 1 trillion US dollars. Whether it is distributed energy storage battery or centralized energy storage, need several kilowatt-hours to several hundred megawatt hours of energy storage devices, the current more common energy storage methods are pumped storage and energy storage batteries , pumped storage by geographical conditions The larger the general area do not have the installation conditions, battery for energy storage flexibility, is the first choice for future energy storage.
energy storage batteries
Although a wide variety of batteries on the market today, but no one can fully meet the energy storage market needs, the vast majority of types of batteries also have high prices, short life, security issues. Can be said that around the world, the battery field of scientific research workers are looking for a cheap and long-life electrochemical energy storage solutions. Energy Technology Co., Ltd. by the En E recently released series of water-based ion batteries and battery stack, as well as by the battery stack composed of battery modules and megawatt-class battery system, is expected to give a new path. It is understood that the energy after several years of research and development, has been in the water ion battery research and technology with more than 30 independent intellectual property rights of the core patents, successfully broke through the battery materials, to solve the battery production process and production equipment, etc. Dozens of major technical problems, the production of the product, the practical use of the water ion battery stack and module products, is the first domestic water ion battery for the industrialization of the company.

From the technological innovation point of view, Dr. Ren Yong, vice president of energy, introduced the water ion batteries and domestic current use of the main power storage batteries, such as: lead, lithium and other advantages, has obvious advantages: First, security, product does not contain Flammable and explosive materials, non-hazardous ingredients, burning in the fire does not burst, the external strong blow not blow; followed by long life, at present, product cycle life has reached more than 3,500 times, close to 100% depth of discharge, More than 10 years. Once again, low-cost, the main raw materials such as manganese, carbon, etc., extremely rich reserves and easy preparation, the cost of a great drop in space. In addition, the water ion battery neutral salt electrolyte, no acid, production, use, recycling the whole process of pollution, used materials can be recycled secondary use, while its scalability, the use of modules From the unit to the combination of applications, the scale is not limited to both on gird, but also off-grid flexible configuration for the country to promote the establishment of distributed micro-grid from the source to provide technical support.
energy storage battery
At the same time, Enxiang energy president Dai Xiang introduced, E series of water ion battery stack, modular design, tool-free connection, single cell stack capacity of 3kWh, can be easily stacked into a capacity of 40kWh battery modules and even 1MWh centralized Battery holder. "In line with the application of the product, we also introduced with the application of different industries and scenarios of battery management systems, such as Agilis-3 1000 series of household solar energy storage system, Agilis-3 2000 series of small commercial energy storage systems and megawatts Level energy storage and microgrid solutions, covering the home, commercial and large energy storage areas, can be applied to improve the spontaneous use of solar power generator rate, to solve the remote areas without electricity and electricity grid instability, and large-scale photovoltaic power plant smooth Output, power grid cut peak fill valley, etc.

At present, ENERGY Energy has announced strategic cooperation with Thailand Enserv Co Company. Enserv Co is a new energy power operator based in Bangkok, Thailand, in Southeast Asia. Dai Xiang said that the two sides will be for the Southeast Asian and Indian market demand, the promotion of energy-based energy-based ion battery technology and products of photovoltaic energy storage micro-grid solutions, which will be the gift of water-based ion battery products out of the country the first step . With the energy energy storage technology industry and the promotion and application of products like telecom battery, for Southeast Asia, India and other power shortage in the region to provide a stable and sustainable green renewable energy.

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