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Wal-Mart Sets Up Energy Storage Plan

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 15:13:10
Wal-Mart can be said to be a pioneer in the use of new energy companies to 2016, has installed 142MW capacity of solar cells, and intends to achieve 100% use of new energy goals, in line with solar energy, Wal-Mart also began to set up energy storage plan.
Wal-Mart Sets Up Energy Storage Plan
Wal-Mart has set up 17 energy storage projects, all digital in California, including six to support portable solar power generator 200 kW, 400-degree battery energy storage system, used to transfer electricity consumption and reduce peak power consumption. Future energy storage devices will also be used for frequency adjustment, demand response, and with their own power generation to build micro-grid, Wal-Mart also proposed vision: natural disasters, Walmart's own power to become a community refuge center.
Wal-Mart Sets Up Energy Storage Plan
Wal-Mart's intention to become a community-based refuge center, inspired by these cases, is to further leverage Wal-Mart's capabilities in extreme weather and natural disasters, not just shelter and supplies, but electricity .

Wal-Mart stores and parking lot has been installed on a large number of solar power generation facilities, many stores have also been set up to operate micro-grid, the final step is to establish energy storage, so can achieve 100% energy self-sufficiency, no sun at night, , Wal-Mart diesel generators to provide backup power, but diesel generators often fails, and once the diesel exhausted useless, switch to battery storage, allows Wal-Mart store completely out of grid energy, when the natural disasters caused by centralized power grid Damage, can provide additional backup capability, until the grid repair.
Wal-Mart Sets Up Energy Storage Plan
Wal-Mart said the idea is still in the planning, there is no thought of such a natural disaster support ability to bring about what kind of monetary return, but it allows Wal-Mart to take care of customers, and can be natural disasters in business, sell more commodity. While the usual battery energy storage equipment used to provide a variety of grid services, you can create additional revenue.

Wal-Mart vigorously facelift LED lighting energy-saving, large-scale installation of solar power batteries energy, and now turn to set the battery energy storage, future handwriting may also be small, 5,000 stores in the United States, if 250 set 200 kW, 400-degree battery energy storage system , It will let the United States commercial battery installed capacity doubled doubled, as the energy storage market a major promoter.
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