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Volvo Sweden Used Passenger Car Batteries Project

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-12-24 12:11:17
Volvo Buses participated in a research and development project to use used passenger car batteries as solar energy storage devices. At present, the used batteries of the 55-way electric bus in Gothenburg, Sweden are used for solar energy storage devices.

With the advancement of urban electrification transformation, the recycling of used batteries has become a key issue.
Volvo Sweden Used Passenger Car batteries Project
The research project is based at Riksbyggen's Viva housing cooperative in Gothenburg, an apartment complex designed to be the most innovative and sustainable residential project in Sweden.

To this end, Riksbyggen, Volvo, Gteborg Energi and Jonok Technology Park jointly created a system that uses the solar panels on the top floor of the apartment to collect energy and store it in the used batteries used in the 55-way electric bus.

The battery warehouse system consists of 14 lithium batteries for used passenger cars. The researchers installed them in a battery chamber to create a 200 kWh battery pack. This device can solve the most electricity demand of apartment occupants and output the stored energy to it.

The device is designed to reduce peak usage periods, use used batteries to store solar energy or sell excess solar energy. The device can also be used to purchase and store electrical energy from the national grid, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of the Viva free energy system and improving the operational status of the city's power grid.

The project was supported by the European Union project IRIS Smart Cities, a Light House project funded by EU HORIZON 2020.
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