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Vision Group Acquired Nissan Power Battery Business

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-08-07 12:12:48
The wind turbine manufacturing giant Vision Group announced that it has acquired the acquisition of Nissan Motor's power battery business Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC). After the acquisition, Nissan will own a 20% stake in the new company.
Vision Group Acquired Nissan Power Battery Business 01
AESC is the world's fourth-largest new energy-powered lithium-ion battery manufacturer after Panasonic, BYD and LG Chem. It is also one of the few power battery companies in the industry that uses lithium manganate as a positive electrode material. As of 2010, Installed on Nissan Leaf, the world's best-selling electric car with more than 270,000 units sold.
Vision Group Acquired Nissan Power Battery Business
In 2015, in order to further reduce the production cost of electric vehicles in response to fierce competition, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. began to purchase South Korean LG batteries, and in 2016, it decided to sell the battery business. In August 2017, there were rumors that Nissan and Jinshajiang Capital were in contact with the sale of the battery business. The sudden entry of the vision now means that the acquisition of Jinshajiang Capital eventually fell short, which means that the long-term energy that has a place in wind power and photovoltaics will enter another new position in the field of new energy.
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