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Vehicle Battery Power Recycle Issue

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-07 09:00:08

In recent years, green background, China's new energy vehicles rapid growth, with the large-scale application of new energy vehicles, vehicle battery power will soon face a time scrapped retired. The industry said that in four to five years, it will have a lot of battery power is about to retire. At the same time, experts say, the electric vehicle lifepo4 batteries power cascade utilization will put on the agenda, become a trending industry.

According to the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, experts predict that by 2020, China's electric vehicle battery scrap accumulated volume will reach 12 million to 170,000 tons scale. If these cells directly for recycling decommissioned, inevitably resulting in waste, and to maximize its functionality it is an effective way to use cascade, then again as a resource recycling. This is an effective way to reach many experts hope, but to realize it is not an easy task.

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