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Vanadium Battery - The Future Of Storage Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-10 09:50:14
Recently, the Australian energy company AVL issued to the customer the first full-vanadium flow battery. AVL company has been focused on the development of vanadium redox flow battery, the fourth energy reporter through the mail, interviewed the company's main person in charge.
Vanadium Battery - The Future Of Storage Battery
Vincent Algar, managing director of AVL, told Reuters Energy that the reason why customers chose vanadium instead of lithium was because "although vanadium batteries look a little more expensive, the vanadium battery has a longer service life, and in the long run, Vanadium batteries are actually more cost-effective. "

Compared with the traditional lithium-ion battery, the advantages of vanadium battery is very obvious, mainly in the longer life, can be recycled in two ways. Vincent Algar told the fourth energy, "commercial lithium-ion battery life is generally 5-8 years, while the vanadium battery life of up to 20 years.Moreover, the vanadium battery recycling is very simple, just replace the inside of the electrolyte can be; But the lithium battery recycling process is very troublesome.
Vanadium Battery - The Future Of Storage Battery
In addition, because the vanadium battery is liquid, the energy stored in the electrolyte, if you want to increase the storage capacity, only need to increase the electrolyte can be.

In fact, vanadium battery has been more than 30 years of history, but the real people pay close attention to, but also in recent years. In fact, as early as 1985, the vanadium battery by the University of New South Wales, Australia scientists developed; in recent years, with solar energy, wind energy as the representative of the rapid development of renewable energy, greatly stimulated the development of energy storage industry , Vanadium battery technology began to be good for people.
Vanadium Battery - The Future Of Storage Battery
However, AVL also does not produce its own vanadium electrolyte. Australia is rich in vanadium-titanium magnetite, however, the country's domestic manufacturers do not have the production of energy storage capacity of vanadium electrolyte technical strength, it must be from the Austrian vanadium battery manufacturer Gildermeister imports. The cost of vanadium electrolyte is only 30% of the total cost of vanadium battery, and this 30% of the cost, a large part from the transportation costs.

Vincent Algar told the fourth energy reporter, AVL company is working with the University of Western Australia to work together to develop vanadium battery.

In the fourth energy perspective, the future of the energy world will belong to renewable energy, traditional lifepo4 battery has been difficult to meet today's rapid development of energy storage needs. Vanadium battery will by virtue of its many advantages, in the future energy storage market plays an important role.
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